Day: September 8, 2020


Protandim: Can You Hack Your Body Using Plants?

I’ve gotten several requests to review Protandim, which I honestly had never heard about until now. Apparently, Protandim is a biohacking supplement, meant to hack your cells to help you stay younger and optimize your body. Sigh. Biohacking is the brainchild of Silicon Valley programmers who want to live forever by ‘hacking’ their body via…
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doTerra Slim and Sassy: Can Essential Oils Help You Lose Weight?

Oh, Essential oils. You’re getting to be something you’re not….especially with all the claims that companies are making about you.  This needs to stop! I’ve already done a post on Young Living essential oils, but doTerra has a whole other product line for weight loss that I felt would be better in its own separate…
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Young Living

Young Living Essential Oils: Fat Burning, Or Money Burning?

Essential oils – and snake oil – have been around for centuries. These two things come together in essential oil MLMs like Young Living . The founder of Young Living, Donald Gary Young, was a naturopath, having gotten his ‘degree’ from a unaccredited diploma mill, but for some reason, he decided to open a birthing…
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