When I lived in California, I knew someone who had a Meyer lemon tree in their yard and that’s when I fell in love with them. Smooth-skinned and deliciously fragrant, Meyer lemons are a sweeter version of regular lemons. They’re perfect for baking or salad dressings.

I am constantly ridiculed for my love of huge salads, and this one comes from my arsenal of recipes. Shavings of licorice-y fennel and chewy, smooth fresh parmesan curls marry together perfectly. It’s an ideal side-salad, or add a can of Italian tuna and/or some chickpeas to it and make it a meal.


Serves 2 (but I like huge salads – can serve 3 smaller salads)

5oz of arugula, washed

½ fennel bulb

Chunk of fresh parmesan cheese (not grated)


Juice of 1 Meyer lemon

3-4T good olive oil – adjust according to how large the lemon is

1 small or ½ large clove of garlic, crushed

½t maple syrup

Salt and cayenne pepper to taste


Place the arugula into a large salad bowl.

Using a mandoline, shave the fennel into thin slices. If you don’t have a mandoline, use a knife to make even, thin slices.

Add the shaved fennel to the arugula.

Combine all the ingredients for the salad dressing and whisk until emulsified. Pour over the salad and toss well.

After plating, shave large curls of the parmesan onto each salad serving.