February 8, 2022

Should You Be Using Essential Oils for Wellness and Weight Loss?

I recently saw a person on social media selling a Young Living brand ‘natural, doctor-created’ progesterone-infused essential oil.  The person’s post made some very bold claims that implied – she was smart enough to not make direct claims – that this product could help with postpartum depression and hormone balance.
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February 1, 2022

No, We Don’t All Have the Same 24 Hours in a Day. Here’s Why.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you already know that I get really upset when I think someone is being taken advantage of, or if I see someone making elitist and misguided judgements against anyone based on their appearance or lifestyle. That’s why, when I got
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toxic sugar
January 28, 2022

22 Things Nutrition Scammers Say.

Let’s talk nutrition scammers, because I’m feeling like the amount of nutrition noise and nonsense out there has reached critical mass. What is a nutrition scammer? I consider a nutrition scammer is a person or company that gives completely wrong and potentially harmful nutrition information to others.  This person or
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meal plan for weight loss
January 26, 2022

I’m a Dietitian, and I’ll Never Make You A Meal Plan. Here’s Why.

I think every dietitian has had the experience of being asked for a weight loss meal plan. And there’s no doubt that meal plans are popular – I see them being dispensed by trainers, and in magazines, and even by other dietitians. I’ve probably been asked for meal plans for
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nutrition research
January 24, 2022

How to Read Nutrition Research: A Primer on The Basics

I recently got into a kerfuffle with two nutritionists about their post claiming that ADHD and depression are closely linked to sugar intake. These people were recommending that people quit sugar altogether to help alleviate symptoms of those conditions. When some of my followers asked for research to back up
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eating guidelines
January 18, 2022

No Rules: My 10 Guidelines for Healthy and Happy Eating

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to write a post on how to lose weight. I don’t recommend weight loss diets at all. What I do help people with is changing their relationship with food, then establishing some guidelines for healthy eating.  Remember that it can take a long time
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