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When I create a recipe like this – meaning, containing more than a few healthy ingredients – and The Critic aka my meat and potatoes husband eats it, I know it’s golden.

In this case, The Critic actually stuffed himself with these energy balls for 2 days straight and finished all of them. Um, not that I would recommend that you do that, because they’re pretty energy dense! They are delicious though, and oh la la! the texture! The crunchy, slightly bitter black chia seeds are a perfect foil for the sweet dried blueberries. These little guys are super portable too, so you can bring them along on a run, or to work, or in the car for an after-work snack.

The entire recipe takes about 10 minutes to prepare. Just pop the bites into the fridge for an hour or so after you roll them to harden them – although this isn’t a mandatory step by any stretch of the imagination – in fact, you’ll probably eat a few while you’re making them because they’re so irresistible.

Makes about 20 energy bites

1 cup of dates or figs

2T + 1T chia seeds – I used black chia, but any color will work

1/3 cup walnuts

1/3 cup dried blueberries

Throw all of the ingredients except for 1T of chia seeds into a blender and blend well.

Shape into balls, and roll the balls in the remaining 1T chia seeds. Refrigerate until firm. Or not.

Chia energy balls with a bite


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