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benefits of greens powders
September 23, 2021

Athletic Greens Review: Are Greens Powders Healthy?

I’ve gotten sooo many requests for an Athletic Greens review. But really, this is a complete greens powders review, since there’s so many of them out there. People have been asking me about the benefits of greens powders for years, really. Green juices and greens powders are super trendy, but
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fulvic acid review
August 30, 2021

Black Oxygen Organics Review: Can Fulvic Acid Work Miracles?

The requests for a fulvic acid review – in particular Black Oxygen Organics – have been rolling into my DMs and comments, so here you all go. It’s important to always check out the companies that are selling these ‘miraculous’ substances, because that can tell you a whole heck of
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B-Epic review
July 12, 2021

B-Epic Review: Should You B-Excited About This ‘Transformative’ Product?

A ton of people have asked me to write a B-Epic review, so here it is! B-Epic is a nutrition MLM that has a pretty limited product line (compared to other nutrition MLMs), and claims to sell ‘advanced health supplementation.’  You know, just in case you thought that the company
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weight loss expert
May 31, 2021

20 Red-Flag Diet Myths I Learned From a Local ‘Weight Loss Expert’

There’s a local ‘weight loss expert’ in the Toronto area who is strangely popular. I’m not going to name them, but when I put a Q and A up on my Instagram Stories asking for post topics, an unreasonably large number of requests came in for me to review their
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DUTCH test review
May 17, 2021

Is the DUTCH Testing Worth The Money? My DUTCH test review.

I just keep on diving into the controversial topics, but I won’t stop. It makes me very angry to see people being taken advantage of, and hormones are the latest grift. Like, ‘balancing’ hormones. ‘Resetting’ hormones. Hormone ‘experts’ And of course, hormone testing. As in, the DUTCH test. I’ve been asked
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