One Pan Roasted Chicken with Gravy

One Pan Roasted Chicken with Gravy

One-pan meals seem to be really popular these days, and it’s easy to understand why. Super easy with minimal cleanup, they’re the perfect idea for busy people who hate to clean – like me, and probably like all of you.

This pan roasted chicken recipe is one of my family’s favorites, and it’s a cook-once-eat-twice-meal because of the leftovers you get from it. Right now it’s raining really hard outside, and I’m thinking that this is the perfect supper for all of you soaking wet, cold people reading this.

If you put this chicken in the oven when you get home, it will be done in 75 minutes, your house will smell amazing, and you’ll only have 1 pan to clean!

Just a word about how I cook roast chicken (and most other meats).

I like to blast the bird with really high heat – like 450F – for at least ½ of the cooking time, so that the skin gets crisp and the juices are sealed in. I’m not a really big fan of low and slow with any of my cooking, and my husband The Critic is always making fun of me because I basically cremate my meats at super high heat, unlike the way he cooks meat, which is annoying and slow. My way works great!

As usual, this recipe of mine is very easygoing. There can be a few substitutions in it if you want.

First off, I use fingerling potatoes because I love their waxy texture, but you can use quartered yellow potatoes, sweet potatoes,or baby potatoes, whatever you want. Just make sure to cut them all around the same size so that they cook evenly.

Also, if you don’t want to use thyme, you can use sage (which is strong, so use a bit less), or tarragon, or any other herb. I use fresh herbs but you can also use dry, keeping in mind that dried herbs are more potent than fresh ones.

Reading the ingredients in this recipe, I can imagine that a lot of you are like, ‘what’s marsala!?’

This cooking wine from Italy is amazing and you should have it in your kitchen (spoiler – it’s going to be one of my 16 foods you need to try in 2016). It’s pretty cheap, and it lasts forever. I use it in all gravies, stews, and braises. Once you use it, you’ll discover the flavor that it adds to your cooking, and you’ll wonder how you got by before.

Choose a roasting pan that’s big enough for the potatoes to cook alongside the chicken.

Pan Roasted Chicken with Gravy 2

Serves 4

1 4-5lb chicken, patted dry

2T butter, softened but not melted

2 cloves garlic, crushed

Salt and pepper

Sprigs of thyme

1 lemon, half whole, half sliced


1.5lb potatoes (I used fingerling)

1 large yellow onion, peeled and halved – leave one half whole, and chop the other half into small pieces

1T olive oil


1 cup chicken broth

1T marsala wine

2t flour

Preheat your oven to 450F.

In a small bowl, mix the butter with the garlic. I actually use my hands for this FYI, it’s so much easier, and your hands are going to get dirty with the next step anyhow.

Massage the chicken all over with the garlic butter, then salt and pepper the inside and outside of the bird and lay it in a roasting pan. Lay lemon slices under the chicken, and the thyme on top of it. You can also slip lemon slices under the skin of the chicken if you’d like.

Stuff the whole ½ of the onion and the other half of the lemon into the chicken’s butt. Poor chicken.

Toss or brush the potatoes and remaining onion with olive oil, and place them alongside the chicken in the pan.

Roast the chicken at 450F for 30 – 35 minutes, then turn the heat down to 350F for the remaining time. You’ll want to stick the chicken with a knife in its leg joint, or even cut away a bit of it to make sure its done.

When a chicken is done, its juices run clear. You can always put a chicken back into the oven, so please don’t stress about this. You can’t, however, undo a grossly overcooked chicken. So try to not do that.

When the chicken is thoroughly cooked, lift it out of the pan and onto a carving board. Put the potatoes alongside the chicken, but leave the onions in the pan.

There will be some fat at the bottom of the pan. Remove all but 1-2T of it, being careful not to remove any of the browned pan drippings, which are going to flavor your gravy.

In a measuring cup, mix the 1 cup of chicken broth with the flour and stir vigorously to dissolve the flour.

Place the chicken pan with the drippings onto a stove burner on medium high heat. Pour in the broth and the marsala, and using a wooden spoon or a whisk, start scraping the browned drippings off the bottom of the pan while stirring the broth in. You’ll see the mixture begin to thicken as it starts to simmer. That’s your gravy!

When the gravy is at the desired thickness, remove it from the heat and place into a cup or gravy boat.

Serve immediately.

Pan Roasted Chicken with Gravy 3