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Disclosure: I was compensated for writing this post, in grapefruits (yes!) and dollars, by Winter Sweetz Texas Red Grapefruit. That being said, I wrote this post because I found them to be the best darn grapefruit I literally have ever eaten. I won’t accept money or product to write a blog for any food, product, or service that I don’t believe in, like, or feed to my family. Something like Winter Sweetz red grapefruit from Texas is something I can get behind 100% – for taste, quality, and for nutrition.

I’m totally a grapefruit girl – I think they’re far more delicious than oranges, and during grapefruit season – which is right now – you can find me eating grapefruit at home, at work, in the car…I’m nuts for the stuff!

I grew up eating Florida grapefruit, but my mind has been firmly changed by the Winter Sweetz Texas red grapefruits that I’ve had recently. Texas may not be the first place you think of when you want to buy sweet grapefruit, but it should be. That’s because the climate and the soil in Texas are perfect for growing super sweet red grapefruit, without a hint of sour or bitter taste. They’re so delicious, they even changed my mind – which is a tough thing to do!

These are the Winter Sweetz grapefruits I enjoyed. Yes, they’re really that red and yummy looking!

Winter Sweetz grapefruit are super juicy with just a hint of zing – that’s the way citrus is supposed to taste! January through March is the best time of the year for Texas red grapefruit, so now’s your chance to enjoy them.

Grapefruit is a super-healthy choice for snacks or as part of any meal. Red grapefruit has the antioxidant lycopene, which has been shown to fight disease and age-related cell damage.

Grapefruit is low in calories and contains plenty of fiber, plus vitamins A and C. Texas red grapefruits are perfectly portable, and if you want, you can take the edible segments out of the fruit easily and quickly! Throw them into yogurt and top with granola, eat them on their own, or add them to a gorgeous salad of arugula and avocado. Red grapefruit is so versatile, it can even be served alongside seared scallops or ceviche.

Take a look at my video about Winter Sweetz Texas red grapefruit and learn how to effortlessly get those delicious sweet segmentz out of the fruit and into your snack or meal!

You can find Winter Sweetz red grapefruit at Walmart and other stores until April.

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