Disclosure Policy

Site Intent and Purpose:

Information presented on this site is intended as both a professional representation of the nutrition and communications I provide to companies through my business as well as a personal representation of my views on food and nutrition through my blog.

Sponsorship Policy:

Any sponsored posts are clearly marked as such. It is my policy to only accept compensation for businesses and brands I believe in and would already recommend. Compensation, however, will never influence my choice of which brands to represent and what I write about them. If I don’t like a product, I won’t endorse it in any way. Basically, if I wouldn’t feed it to my family, I won’t recommend it to you.

I occasionally get sent free samples of food items by PR agencies who wish me to write about these items in a positive light on my site or for any of my outlets. I am thankful for everything I receive, but if a product sample doesn’t fit with my personal brand or views, I will not write about it. If I do choose to write about it, I will disclose in the article/blog post that I received free samples of the product. I will frequently recommend products and services of companies because I feel that they are awesome. This is simply a gesture to bring those companies more business because I believe in them, not because any money changed hands. Any time money changes hands, I disclose it.

Brand Affiliations & Relationships:

I accept payment for freelance projects and ongoing consulting work from a variety of clients, including but not limited to food companies and food commodity organizations. I may have mentioned said companies and brands in previous blog posts, but did get paid specifically for those mentions. I do not engage in business with companies whose products do not match my personal and professional beliefs. Any previous mention of these products in my personal blog represents my belief that they support my professional and personal goals.

My website does not contain advertising from Google or third-party advertising services. Any advertising you may see on my blog has specifically been placed there by me, for products that I sincerely recommend. I do have a financial relationship with those product companies for items that are bought through my site.

The use of the term “professional” throughout this site represents informational services only. None of the information on this site or the services performed by Abby Langer, should be considered as a medical diagnosis or treatment.

Any images or logos found on this site are property of Abby Langer Nutrition and are copyrighted as such. It is illegal (and really uncool) to steal my images and use them without my written permission.

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