What is lumen
December 1, 2020

What is Lumen, and can it ‘hack’ your metabolism?

Ads for the very sleek Lumen device are all over my social feeds, and so many of you have asked me to review it. Full disclosure: I haven’t tried Lumen myself, but have gone over the science and sales pitch behind the device in depth in order to let you
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food as medicine
November 25, 2020

We need to stop saying that food is medicine. It isn’t.

Hippocrates apparently (but actually, probably didn’t) said it first in the 5th century: let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food. In fact, Hippocratic medicine understood and honoured the difference between food and medicine.  Regardless, like a lot of things said and done long ago, that statement deserves another
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Mediterranean diet
November 23, 2020

Does the anti-inflammatory diet really exist?

Does that collagen smoothie really help prevent inflammation? I was recently tagged in a Twitter thread in response to a post by Harvard Health about anti-inflammatory foods. Here’s the post, in case you’re wondering. The thread was full of people telling Harvard that this infographic was super-misleading and not evidence-based.
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nutrition myths
November 18, 2020

Nutrition Etiquette: Don’t Be That Person Who Does These Four Things.

Nutrition etiquette: you may have never heard about it, but it does exist. At least, it should. Most likely, you’ve had some of these things done to you. I hate to sound harsh here, but if you do any of the following four things, you need to be put into
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candida scam
October 26, 2020

Is Gut Candida Overgrowth Actually Real, and Do Candida Diets Work?

As much as I don’t reeeeaaaallllly want to, we need to talk about the ‘candida’ diagnosis that so many alternative health practitioners seem to think we all have.  I recently posted a graphic that used candida as an example of something that apple cider vinegar won’t cure. The graphic got
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holistic cancer practitioner
October 13, 2020

An open letter to the ‘holistic cancer practitioner’ who told me to ‘do my research.’

Dear J., You sent me an email the other day to protest my blog about Kangen alkalized, ionized water.  I often get dissenting opinions on what I write. It’s part of the job, and I am always open to changing my mind if someone presents me with compelling evidence showing
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