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January 12, 2021

Should We Even Be Using BMI Anymore? Here’s Why I Don’t Think So.

BMI is still widely used to determine health risk and to categorize people according to their body size. But I haven’t used BMI as a metric since forever, because I think it’s incredibly faulty. The truth is, that while BMI has been used for decades as an indicator of someone’s
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diet challenge
January 11, 2021

Thinking Of Doing A Diet Challenge? Why You Should Sit It Out.

75Hard. No sugar. No carb. Detox. Clean eating. The Daniel Fast. Whole30. Beyonce’s vegan diet. J.Lo. and A. Rod’s 10 day challenge.  There are way too many diet ‘challenges’ to write about here, and new ones pop up all the time – especially in January, but still, year round. Swimsuit
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weight loss challenge
December 27, 2020

Losing Weight for Money: Weight Loss Challenge Apps

A weight loss challenge app? What in fresh hell is this? I was watching TV the other day when an ad for a company called ‘HealthyWage’ came on. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes – a company is actually paying people to lose weight.  It sounded shifty AF, so naturally,
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December 26, 2020

Here Are Bad Habits To Ditch in 2021, And Some Good Habits To Replace Them.

Happy Holidays!!! Hopefully, you’re all staying safe and enjoying the holidays as much as you can in this dumpster fire of a year. But the good part is that 2020 is almost over!! YESSSSS. GOOD RIDDANCE!! I don’t really believe in New Years’ resolutions, but I do think that along
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Food craving
December 12, 2020

Food Cravings: How to Manage Them, and Why They’re Not All Bad

A lot of you have asked me to write about how to manage food cravings. I have a section about cravings in my book Good Food, Bad Diet, but I can tell you right now that cravings aren’t the horrible thing you’ve maybe been conditioned to believe they are. You
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