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Nutrition trends
May 6, 2022

4 Nutrition Trends to Ignore, and 2 Habits to Build

Nutrition and wellness are funny things.  There’s always a push to be healthier, faster, in more extreme ways. And I think that a lot of the time, we get in our own way when we try to achieve those goals. Look. Compared to years past, we have a lot of
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best protein powder
March 31, 2022

Which Protein Powder Should You Choose? Some Things to Consider.

This post is sponsored by Allo. As always, my opinions are my own…in this case, my opinion is that Allo makes an amazing protein powder. Allo is hydrolyzed whey that mixes seamlessly into hot beverages without clumping or grittiness.    I get asked a lot about protein powders. My stock
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Bobby parrish flavcity
March 29, 2022

FlavCity Review: What in The World is Bobby Parrish Talking About?

Thank you to Food Science Babe, who not only provided me with the images and information for this Flavcity review, but who has also valiantly fought against Flavcity’s misinformation on many occasions. As always, this post is my opinion.  Bobby Parrish, aka FlavCity, isn’t a food scientist or a dietitian.
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artificial sweetener and cancer
March 25, 2022

Artificial Sweeteners and Cancer Risk: I Interpret the Latest Study.

There’s a new study from France on artificial sweeteners and cancer, and predictably, the media has taken it and run with headlines like, ‘Artificial Sweeteners are Associated with Increased Cancer Risk, Finds Large-Scale Cohort Study’! I’ve been fielding questions around artificial sweeteners for years, and reading the comments in response
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zoe reviews
March 17, 2022

Zoe Review: Can Our Microbiome Hack Our Health?

I’ve been asked numerous times to do a Zoe review, and I wanted to, but I never had access to the materials until now. After I wrote a small piece about microbiome testing for Men’s Health Magazine, Zoe contacted me and offered to send me a kit. Since Zoe isn’t
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