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holistic cancer practitioner
October 13, 2020

An open letter to the ‘holistic cancer practitioner’ who told me to ‘do my research.’

Dear J., You sent me an email the other day to protest my blog about Kangen alkalized, ionized water.  I often get dissenting opinions on what I write. It’s part of the job, and I am always open to changing my mind if someone presents me with compelling evidence showing
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canola oil
October 9, 2020

(Learning Curve) Are Seed Oils Harmful?

If you’ve spend more than 40 seconds on social media, you’ve probably seen people warning everyone about the dangers of seed oils. And because the seed oil thing is one of the more complicated and confusing arguments for laypeople to interpret, it’s easy to just take peoples’ word for it.
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IV vitamin therapy
September 29, 2020

IV Vitamin Therapy – Is It Worth The Needle Stick?

We need to talk about the trend of IV vitamin therapy being dripped into people at trendy IV vitamin lounges and clinics, because this is becoming a thing. IV therapy lounges are popping up all over the place, catering to people who want to improve their energy, nurse their hangovers,
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What is 75 Hard
September 26, 2020

75 Hard is The Challenge You Don’t Want to Accept.

75 Hard is an extreme challenge. Extremes are popular right now, along with ‘challenges’ by celebrities and quacks that promise life ‘transformations’ through tough-love. I can see how people would go for these sorts of things; we all like a challenge, especially right now when we’re sort of bored and
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Nutrition trends
September 22, 2020

Here Are The Worst Nutrition Trends (So Far) Of 2020.

Oh 2020, you’re a fucking dumpster fire. And not just with covid, but with nutrition trends, too. It seems like things are getting more extreme, science is getting more twisted, and unqualified people are getting more bold in their nutrition advice. All recipe for my latest ‘worst trends’ post. Buckle up,
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