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soil depletion less nutritious
May 29, 2020

Is Soil Depletion Causing Our Food To Be Less Nutritious Than It Used To Be?

Is modern agriculture causing soil depletion and making our food less nutritious? I see this claim a whole lot. You’ve probably seen the infographics about how we need to eat ridiculous amounts to get our vitamins and minerals because our food isn’t nutritious anymore. Like this one that says we need
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Sugar in fruit
May 22, 2020

Is The Sugar In Fruit Bad For Our Health? What The Science Says.

I’ve written an in-depth sugar post before, in 2018. Unfortunately, there seems to be no end to the ‘fruit is sugary, toxic candy’ perception, and I figured that I’d better write something about the sugar in fruit to refute all the craziness before one more person scorns a banana or
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diet soda unhealthy
May 18, 2020

Is Diet Soda Unhealthy? Here’s What the Research Says.

Is diet soda unhealthy? That’s one of the more common nutrition questions I get. And I guess I wouldn’t categorize soda, diet or not, as ‘healthy’ or ‘physically nourishing,’ but if a person drinks a can – or three – of diet soda a day, a week, or a month,
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Modere Lean Body System
May 5, 2020

The Modere Lean Body System: A ‘Transformative’ Experience?

The last time I reviewed Modere was in 2017, and because it seems to be popular right now, I figured it was time to revisit this brand for a Modere Lean Body System review.  This latest Modere offering comes in appetizing-sounding flavors like coconut-lime and chocolate, and promises some pretty
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May 2, 2020

Another Cog In The Wheel: The Issue With Nutrition MLMs and Their Coaches

Hey hun! If you’ve hung around my blog for more than 5 minutes, you already know that I have some major issues with nutrition MLM companies such as Arbonne, Juice Plus, Isagenix/Beachbody, and It Works! to name a few. And besides the fact that they sell a lot of completely
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