Abby believes in a non-diet, whole-food approach to nutrition. Her favourite thing to do is to cut through the nutrition clutter and give people the straight story about what’s going on in the world of nutrition. Nutrition is frequently overcomplicated, but Abby’s messages are simple and understandable.

With a background in writing and degrees in both English and Nutrition, plus a lifetime of cooking experience, Abby has been incredibly successful in putting her nutrition message into everything she does. Her realistic, relatable approach to nutrition and her honest, straightforward delivery has engaged her followers since Abby Langer Nutrition was created.

Abby is a contributor to The Huffington Post Canada, SELF Magazine, and other major US and Canadian media. She is also a recipe developer and her recipes have appeared in Buzzfeed, Shape Magazine, Dr. Oz The Good Life, and others. Abby takes all of her own photographs and has a very active social media presence.

Abby has been a dietitian for over fifteen years, during which she has pretty much seen it all! Her experience in breaking down current nutrition topics for her followers is unmatched.

Abby works with brands – both food and other – that align with her nutrition philosophy. She has a quick turnaround for all types of media and is comfortable doing branded and other segments for TV, radio, and print. She develops strong written content and is always evidence-based.

Abby is available for:

  • Brand Ambassador/product spokesperson
  • Branded blog posts
  • Recipe development
  • Professionally edited branded video
  • Branded media tours and interviews
  • Content development/editorial writing and contributions
  • Media interviews on current nutrition topics for broadcast, radio, and print
  • Food event hosting

To contact Abby for media or brand work, click below.

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Recent Media Work Includes:

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