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March 26, 2021

An Arbonne Coach Sent Me an Email Defending the Program. Here’s My Response.

Oh, Arbonne. If you’ve been following my work for even a short time, you probably know how I feel about nutrition MLMs. And Arbonne is one of my frequent targets, because…well, it’s so easy! I’m no stranger to criticism, but when I get an email like the one I got
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It Works skinny brew
March 13, 2021

It Works Skinny Brew and Other Weight Loss Products: The Grift is Real.

I’ve reviewed It Works a couple of times in the past, most recently in 2020, but honestly, they keep coming out with products that I feel like I can’t hold my fire on. So, here we go again. In the interest of brevity, let’s get right into It Works’ top
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do pruvit exogenous ketones work
March 2, 2021

Do Pruvit Exogenous Ketones Replace a Ketogenic Diet?

I did a Pruvit review in 2017, and to be honest, I can’t believe this stuff is still on the market. If only because the last time I tasted it, it was like drinking a cup of death. Chances are, nobody has improved the taste of ketones since then.  The
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What happens to fat when we lose weight
February 22, 2021

Where Does Fat Go When We Lose Weight?

I had a follower send me a graphic the other day that talked about the ‘Big Whoosh.’ Never in all of the science classes I’ve taken and in all of the years I’ve been practicing as a dietitian, have I ever heard of a ‘Big Whoosh.’ Turns out, the person
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quit sugar
February 15, 2021

Want to Quit Sugar? Here’s Why You Don’t Have To.

I see a lot of hate around sugar, and honestly, it’s not warranted. No-sugar challenges. No-sugar diets. The ‘I Quit Sugar’ movement.  I feel like the diet and wellness industries have no grey area when it comes to sugar: it’s either quit sugar altogether, or you’re eating too much of
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