September 8, 2020

doTerra Slim and Sassy: Can Essential Oils Help You Lose Weight?

Oh, Essential oils. You’re getting to be something you’re not….especially with all the claims that companies are making about you.  This needs to stop! I’ve already done a post on Young Living essential oils, but doTerra has a whole other product line for weight loss that I felt would be
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Young Living
September 8, 2020

Young Living Essential Oils: Fat Burning, Or Money Burning?

Essential oils – and snake oil – have been around for centuries. These two things come together in essential oil MLMs like Young Living . The founder of Young Living, Donald Gary Young, was a naturopath, having gotten his ‘degree’ from a unaccredited diploma mill, but for some reason, he
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Relationship with food
August 28, 2020

Four Ways to Tell If Your Relationship with Food is Broken (And How to Fix It)

Having a healthy relationship with food and eating is important, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. We’re inundated from a young age with the messaging that food is something to be feared, restricted, and weaponized into ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ And the more years you spend on diet, trying
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calorie goal
August 24, 2020

We’re Still Using Calorie Goals. Here’s Why That’s A Problem.

The other day when I was reviewing another MLM nutrition company, I came across their ‘nutrition guide’ outlining how to ‘eat healthy.’ In it, there was a list of calorie goals to follow according to your weight. I instantly recoiled, because I can’t stand calorie-specifics or counting. But calorie goals
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melaleuca weight loss
August 14, 2020

Melaleuca: Controlling Your Cravings, The 80’s Way.

Thanks to everyone who requested a Melaleuca review! Here you go.   What is Melaleuca? Melaleuca is an MLM company that has been around since 1985. They claim to sell over 400 products, and they aren’t kidding – from protein shakes to a toilet bowl cleaner called ‘safe and mighty,’
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apple cider vinegar
August 10, 2020

(Diet Review) Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Your Health?

It’s great for salad, but what about weight loss and cleaning your teeth? Is apple cider vinegar good for your health? Is it the cure-all that some people want you to believe? A Google search of ‘apple cider vinegar benefits’ yields a rage-inducing (for me, at least) load of total
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