how much protein
May 2, 2021

How Much Protein Do We Need Every Day? Your Protein Questions Answered.

I’ve honestly never seen such a love for a macronutrient in my life.  On one hand, it’s great – protein helps keep us fuller for longer, and as someone who lived through the carb-heavy 90’s, I’m super happy to see people adding more balance to their meals.  On the other
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what are prebiotics
April 22, 2021

How Prebiotics Can Help Your Constipation (And Where To Find Them)

I know you’ve heard about probiotics (see my blog post about them here). But how about prebiotics?  Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria. PREbiotics are food for those healthy gut bacteria. And while it’s important to have a rich variety of bacteria in our gut, it’s just as important to feed
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chlorophyll water
April 21, 2021

What’s the Deal with Chlorophyll Water Trend?

TikTok is a cesspool of garbage nutrition videos, so when nutrition trends come out of that platform, I usually try to ignore them. Like, ‘nature’s cereal’ aka fruit with coconut water and ice is a total diet culture scam – if I want cereal, I’m going to eat it.  But
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Whole 30
April 20, 2021

Is The Whole30 a Good Way to Lose Weight and Get Healthy?

I haven’t heard about the Whole30 for a really long time, but apparently it’s still really popular.  I reviewed this program in 2016, but since people are still into Whole30, here’s my revised and updated review. What is the Whole30? It’s pretty simple. The Whole30 is essentially a 30-day elimination
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how to speak to your kids about food
April 16, 2021

How to Speak to Your Kids About Food…And Bodies.

Parenting is tough. Speaking to your kids about food and about bodies? Even tougher. I get it. I’m a mom of two girls ages 11 and 13, and I still struggle occasionally with the information I give to them around these things. How are we supposed to be permissive with
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Plexus review
April 14, 2021

Plexus Review: Is Plexus A Good Choice For Weight Loss?

Plexus has been around for what seems like a really long time. And although I’ve reviewed it twice already, I feel like it’s time for an update. People continue to message me about it, which leads me to think that it’s still popular. I’m not sure why, and you won’t
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