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  • Six Survival Tips To Get You Through Eating Season October 19, 2014
    When I was younger, I read something that Cindy Crawford said that has always stuck with me: "I'm not going to let anyone twist my arm and shove a cookie in my mouth". I'm sure most people have experienced that well-meaning (or not so much, but that's another blog) relative or friend who wants you to eat their 'special' coo
  • Family Dinners Don't Have to Be Perfect October 6, 2014
    A recent study calling family dinners 'elitist' and 'unrealistic' has ruffled some feathers. I don't think family dinners or home cooking for one or more is elitist and unrealistic, but I do think that we have to temper our expectations of ourselves down to what is doable under the circumstances of our lives.
  • What We Should Do To Improve School Lunches September 28, 2014
    After he created the new menu items, Corbin brought the food to the kids for a taste test. Not surprisingly, the students were happy with the results. Chicken lollipops rolled in crushed vegetable chips and baked in the oven, oven baked panko-crusted zucchini, kale Caesar salad made with a lighter dressing, and black bean and chicken tostadas were a few of t
  • The Difference Organic Seeds Can Make September 23, 2014
    In honor of Organic Week, I think it's only natural to write a blog post on the importance of organic seed. When most people hear the word "organic," they tend to think about food and environment, but organic seeds are a large part of those things too.
  • 8 Food Myths I Learned at Nutrition School September 21, 2014
    I hate to age myself, but I went to school for my nutrition degree more than a few years ago. Things have changed since then, and while my practice has changed, we still see some of these gems being recommended to this day. Here's where we got it wrong all those years ago.