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  • Sexy Food -- Your Best Bets To Get You In The Mood, No Oysters Required February 22, 2015
    With Valentine's Day come and gone, but winter still here, I couldn't think of a better time to write about food and...
  • Why I Ate Food Out Of the Garbage For Dinner Last Night February 16, 2015
    I asked the produce manager about fruits and vegetables that are merely unattractive, not rotten, and he said that at this particular store, there is no call for such a thing. Turns out, people in upper-class Forest Hill want their apples perfect, not deformed. There is one store in the chain that does sell imperfect produce, but it's in a different nei
  • The 8 Biggest "Healthy" Food Hoaxes of All Time January 5, 2015
    There will always be some people who are tricked into thinking that the foods below are actually healthy. Little do they know that these foods are the biggest food hoaxes of all time. These are the classic "good for you" foods that are really NOT good for you.
  • Six Things About Food and Weight You Should Never Say to Anyone December 22, 2014
    Now that the holidays are here, eating season is switching into high gear. Take this under advisement, from someone who deals with the fallout of these comments in my practice: there are some things you should just never say to people. Here are the top six things you should never say to someone about their eating or their weight.
  • How To Get Back on the Diet Track After Holiday Indulgence December 12, 2014
    Don't use the holidays as an excuse to not be active. It may take a bit of planning, but it's still important to move your body. Sweating out stress and overindulgence is a great feeling, so take advantage of whatever activity you can get in. Glycogen, which is the way your body stores carbohydrate, is the fuel for exercise, and after a huge meal y