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  • This Nutritionist's Picks for the 5 Worst Diets of All Time August 22, 2014
    These popular diets can be dangerous, they are low in calories, which is why you will probably lose weight while you follow them. But many pose serious health risks and limited long-term results.
  • Want Your Spouse to Change His Diet? Here's How to Help, Not Hinder August 11, 2014
    A lot of people I know find it difficult to hold their fire when they think their partner needs to make some dietary changes. But you want to help, so based on real-life situations I've seen at my practice, here are some straightforward tips for all you women and men out there who find themselves in the support role.
  • 6 Tips to Start Your Kids Off Eating Right August 7, 2014
    If the only veggies that you serve to your kids are hidden, then you're teaching them that one only needs to eat mac and cheese and chocolate cake.
  • We Need To Stop Glorifying The Skinny Post-Baby Bikini Bod July 30, 2014
    The glorification of the thin body is not only found in the media, but among even some of my nutrition colleagues who promote being "skinny" or "eating skinny" as a way to attract clients for weight loss. Shouldn't we as healthcare professionals understand the value of the strong, fit body?
  • Kids Don't Need Sugary Snacks After Sports July 21, 2014
    Would it be such a hardship to end the practice of snack sign-up in favor of everyone bringing their own snack? That way, parents who love Kool-Aid and cookies are free to stuff their kids with garbage. Telling my kids to decline snack at the end of practice is always an option, but I don't feel like my kids should have to be put in that position.