Meet Abby, Your Dietitian/Nutrition Coach

I’m Abby Langer.

For me, being a Dietitian is fun, challenging, and rewarding. I have worked in this field for 15 years, and have broad experience in most areas of adult and pediatric nutrition.

My style is relaxed, honest, and realistic. I focus on easy, achievable goals for my clients and provide the guidance and support needed to be successful with your nutrition plan. I will teach you to make the best choices for your own lifestyle and preferences, so that you can make changes that last a lifetime. You will learn to be accountable to yourself. This path is something that you should be ready for – the path to overall wellness and a new way of looking at nourishing yourself.

I am a believer in whole, fresh, unprocessed foods. This belief forms the basis for all of my nutrition assessments and recommendations, as well as what I promote in my nutrition media communications.

In addition to private counselling, I do media interviews for TV and print, a blog for Huffington Post and am a brand spokesperson.