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fresh spring roll recipe
August 5, 2021

Summer-Perfect Recipe: Fresh Spring Rolls with Thai Chili Sauce

Whether I’m ordering Thai food or making it myself, fresh spring rolls are always part of the equation. My kids prefer the deep fried spring rolls, but the fresh spring rolls (also known as cold rolls), to me, are scrumptious because they’re full of vegetables.  That’s probably the most dietitian-like
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lemon ricotta protein pancakes
April 26, 2021

Scrumptious Lemon Ricotta Protein Pancake Recipe

There’s a story behind his lemon ricotta protein pancake recipe.  The other day, I posted a picture of a Dutch baby pancake on my Instagram. It wasn’t my recipe – it was Food and Wine’s, and the picture was beautiful. The recipe was good, but it was far too greasy
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Best homemade granola recipe
April 2, 2021

The Best Homemade Granola Recipe

I adore granola, and I’m always looking for the best homemade granola recipes. No longer! I’ve cracked the code. Granola’s reputation is somewhat checkered. First, it was ‘healthy.’ Then, people caught on to how much fat it had in it, so it became ‘unhealthy.’ Now, it’s trendy again, especially if
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Shrimp taco recipe
March 19, 2021

The World’s Best Shrimp Taco Recipe

Yeah, I know that’s a pretty big claim to make. But this shrimp taco recipe is SCRUMPTIOUS. Taco Tuesday is about to get even better…woohoo! I always keep a couple bags of frozen shrimp on hand for when I have nothing planned for dinner (which, *ahem* is often). I just
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Japanese eggplant recipe
March 16, 2021

Roasted Japanese Eggplant with Tahini and Lemon

I’ll admit it: I’ve always been scared of eggplant.  With a reputation for bitterness and a required step of salting to ‘draw out the bitterness,’ globe eggplant didn’t really seem like anything I’d ever want to make. I never really enjoyed eating it, either: baba ghanoush makes my mouth feel
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