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Dr Oz System 20

The Dr. Oz System 20 Plan: The End of Fad Diets?

I have to put aside my revulsion of everything Dr. Oz to write this review of the System 20 Diet, which Dr. Oz says isn’t a diet at all.  Okay. I’m good. Let’s do this. What Is The Dr. Oz System 20 Plan? System 20 is Dr. Oz’s weight loss and lifestyle plan for 2020,…
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The Sirtfood Diet: ‘Celebrity Nutritionists’ Just Need to Stop Now.

Any time a celebrity loses weight on a new diet, you can bet that the media will lose its shit. Hence, all of the noise about the Sirtfood Diet, which apparently is how Adele lost a huge amount of weight (and ended up in the media in a bikini, frolicking on a beach with Harry…
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