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is starvation mode real
March 5, 2021

Does Starvation Mode Really Exist? Here’s What the Research Says.

‘You have to eat enough calories every day, otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and you’ll never lose weight!’ I have to admit that I’ve said this more than a few times in the 21 years I’ve been an RD. But is it really true? If we skip
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What happens to fat when we lose weight
February 22, 2021

Where Does Fat Go When We Lose Weight?

I had a follower send me a graphic the other day that talked about the ‘Big Whoosh.’ Never in all of the science classes I’ve taken and in all of the years I’ve been practicing as a dietitian, have I ever heard of a ‘Big Whoosh.’ Turns out, the person
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low carb vs low fat
February 2, 2021

Keto Versus Low-Fat, Plant-Based: Which Is Better?

It’s the battle between keto versus low fat – the Diet Wars have been raging for years now, all over social media and everywhere else. On one side, we have the low-carb/keto group, and on the other, pretty much everyone else.  I jest, of course, about the ‘everyone else’ part,
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take probiotics
January 29, 2021

Should You Take Probiotics? What You Need To Know.

There’s a lot of hype around our gut and how it impacts our health. Especially now, when everyone is scrambling to optimize their immunity, lots of us are looking to take probiotics to strengthen our microbiome so we can fight off illnesses. But are probiotics worth your while?  We can’t
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vitamin D
January 19, 2021

Should You Be Taking Vitamin D? What You Need To Know.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a post on vitamin D, probably because there’s a lot of confusing stuff on it out there.  Everyone has important questions, like: What are the benefits of vitamin D? Do we all need to take it? How much should we take? Is the
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