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Food craving
December 12, 2020

Food Cravings: How to Manage Them, and Why They’re Not All Bad

A lot of you have asked me to write about how to manage food cravings. I have a section about cravings in my book Good Food, Bad Diet, but I can tell you right now that cravings aren’t the horrible thing you’ve maybe been conditioned to believe they are. You
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Mediterranean diet
November 23, 2020

Does the anti-inflammatory diet really exist?

Does that collagen smoothie really help prevent inflammation? I was recently tagged in a Twitter thread in response to a post by Harvard Health about anti-inflammatory foods. Here’s the post, in case you’re wondering. The thread was full of people telling Harvard that this infographic was super-misleading and not evidence-based.
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canola oil
October 9, 2020

(Learning Curve) Are Seed Oils Harmful?

If you’ve spend more than 40 seconds on social media, you’ve probably seen people warning everyone about the dangers of seed oils. And because the seed oil thing is one of the more complicated and confusing arguments for laypeople to interpret, it’s easy to just take peoples’ word for it.
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Diet for Hashimoto's
July 27, 2020

What’s The Best Diet for Hashimoto’s?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the best diet for Hashimoto’s. You don’t have to look hard to find supplements, random dietary restrictions, and promises that a certain diet can ‘reverse’ your Hashimoto’s in a matter of weeks. But is there a specific diet for Hashimoto’s? Which nutrients
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March 11, 2020

(Learning Curve) Is Sugar Addictive?

Let’s face it: sugary foods are delicious. And as a society, we do eat too much of them. But is sugar really addictive?  I’m wading into the fray and taking a look at the science – or not – of sugar addiction. The entire ‘sugar is as addictive as cocaine’
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