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natural sugar
May 25, 2021

Are ‘Natural’ Sugars Better Than Refined White Sugar? What You Should Know.

I’ve always maintained that sugar is sugar. And no matter which sugar you choose, you should just choose less. It’s no secret that we eat too much sugar. The average American consumes around 77 grams of added sugar a day, which is around three times the 25-36 grams a day
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what are prebiotics
April 22, 2021

How Prebiotics Can Help Your Constipation (And Where To Find Them)

I know you’ve heard about probiotics (see my blog post about them here). But how about prebiotics?  Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria. PREbiotics are food for those healthy gut bacteria. And while it’s important to have a rich variety of bacteria in our gut, it’s just as important to feed
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how much water
April 9, 2021

How Much Water Do You Need A Day? It’s Not That Simple.

You’ve probably seen this humungous gallon-sized water bottles with the motivational inscriptions on the side. I think they look like a barrel, hence my nickname for them: The Barrel. But should you be guzzling that much water every day? How much water do you need a day? Don’t head to Amazon
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is starvation mode real
March 5, 2021

Does Starvation Mode Really Exist? Here’s What the Research Says.

‘You have to eat enough calories every day, otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and you’ll never lose weight!’ I have to admit that I’ve said this more than a few times in the 21 years I’ve been an RD. But is it really true? If we skip
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What happens to fat when we lose weight
February 22, 2021

Where Does Fat Go When We Lose Weight?

I had a follower send me a graphic the other day that talked about the ‘Big Whoosh.’ Never in all of the science classes I’ve taken and in all of the years I’ve been practicing as a dietitian, have I ever heard of a ‘Big Whoosh.’ Turns out, the person
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