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To say that a lot of people have asked me to review Xyngular would be an understatement, so I’m finally going to do a Xyngular Ignite diet review. Here you go!

Xyngular is yet another product that is going to ‘change your life’ by improving your health, padding your wallet, and improving your life. At least, that’s what it says it’s going to do. Sounds like a plan!

I’m going to focus on Xyngular Ignite because it sounds like the most drastic weight-loss plan they offer – probably something that makes it popular. I mean, plenty of people would be attracted to Ignite’s big promises:




The Ignite Kit has SEVEN products in it, all with oh-so modern one-word names like Cheat+, Accelerate, and the always-dreaded ‘Flush’. Let’s take a look at what these products are and if they can really, truly, transform your life. Because that’s a crapload of supplements to take for nothing!


Accelerate: Accelerate is a ‘tea based fat burner’, which already screams BS to me. No supplement burns fat: as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, I know that to be true. As much as you want to believe it, you can’t just take a pill and burn any significant calories while you sit on your couch and watch Netflix.

Tea (2 kinds), guarana, and kola nut may hop you up, but there is no research that shows that any of those things are going to burn your fat. This supplement is basically like a caffeine pill hiding behind lots of natural herbal things.

Yes, Accelerate contains cayenne, which can reduce appetite and increase your metabolism by something like 2 calories an hour. What’s more likely to happen is that you’ll feel wired from all the stimulants in this pill, and that’s about it.


Cheat+: Cheat+ is glucomannan, which is a soluble fiber that’s from konjac root. I think at least a few people out there would purchase this entire kit just for the opportunity to cheat on their diets without consequence. With a name like Cheat+, that’s what this product sounds like it allows you to do. But really – is it effective in erasing that chocolate cake you had for lunch? Like, poof? Gone?

My main interest lies in the ‘calorie mitigation’ (their words, not mine) claim. Does Cheat+ glom on to calories like the ones in the photos of cookies that are pictured next to Cheat+ on the website, and prevent their absorption?

Pass the Oreos!

I found this claim online:

When (Cheat+) hits your stomach it expands and creates a viscous gel that literally traps 25% of the food you just ate eliminating it without your body ever absorbing the calories.

I wanted to find research with that 25% number in it, I really did. And I searched. But I just can’t find it anywhere, which is why it’s so damn suspicious. Soluble fiber is known to reduce fat absorption, but two Cheat+ caps have 1g total. Not exactly a ton. And that 25%? I’m not sure where that’s from.

If you’ve eaten shirataki noodles, that evil-smelling jelly-like pasta substitute that feels like you’re chewing skin, then you’ve eaten glucomannan. Not a pleasant experience, but each to his own, I guess.

Cheat+ caplets are supposed to be taken before each meal to help you feel fuller so you don’t consume as much food overall. You drink the caplets with at least 8oz of water, presumably to rehydrate the fiber and cause it to swell and take up valuable stomach real estate. So fine, this can definitely happen. So can diarrhea, throat blockages, and abdominal issues from consuming this fiber – be careful and don’t take too much.

Unfortunately for Cheat+, there’s no substantial evidence that glucomannan in this dose actually helps with weight loss. Studies like this, this, and this, for example, are not convincing. This 2005 study shows weight reduction with glucomannan, along with a 1200 calorie diet. But if this product is marketed as a ‘cheat’ product to take away excess calories from indulgences (and not from a low calorie diet), then this is a different situation. This study showed a less than 2lb reduction in weight in 5 weeks in a group using glucomannan, which is, as you know, a fairly minor loss. This seemingly-faulty study shows some efficacy with weight loss using glucomannan, but the dosage was three times the dosage of Cheat+. Taking nine grams of glucomannan a day is NOT something I’d suggest.

Articles online that tout konjac/glucomannan’s weight loss properties seem to be using lots of old studies and pumping up the modest results to make the supplement look efficacious. Don’t jump up and buy this stuff because of those articles.

Any time you increase your fiber intake, you’ll probably feel fuller longer, take up valuable stomach space, and maybe eat less. This can cause weight loss. As far as 25% calorie mitigation from the blow-out meal you just ate, the science and I can’t confirm that Cheat+ is going to do that.


Lean Snack Replacement: Lean is a whey protein powder that contains vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and a paltry 50 calories, the amount in half an apple. My guess (or hope, at least) is that you’d combine it with milk to add some calories, because 50 calories is around 1/3 of the number of calories in an actual snack. Mixed with water, you’ve got, well, not a hell of a lot.

I can understand the need for easy, portable snacks, but the only way I’d recommend this product is if you mix it with a more caloric liquid than water. 50 calories, even with 10 grams of protein, is likely going to leave you hungry and not satisfied.

The digestive enzymes in Lean won’t do anything for you unless you have certain digestive issues, and the vitamins and minerals can be eaten. As in, when you eat real food. So these additions aren’t really value-adds.


Xyng: This product is supposed to ‘energize the body and the mind; aid in weight management; and control cravings and suppress appetite’.

There’s a bunch of herbal ingredients in this supplement, including 5-HTP, which does have some reported appetite suppression effects (this study among others), but is usually dosed much higher than the amount in Xyng.

Also in this supplement is synephrine, otherwise known as bitter orange. This ingredient has been known, especially in conjunction with caffeine, to increase metabolic rate for a short time after consumption – to the tune of 65 calories. You can decide for yourself whether 65 calories is worth it, as synephrine has been tied to major cardiovascular risks. I’m not sure about you, but I definitely don’t think 65 calories is worth the risk of a heart attack, am I right? Now, the dose makes the poison, as I always say. But combining this ingredient with other stimulants like caffeine in several forms (green tea and anhydrous caffeine in this case) is going to amp you up. It just doesn’t seem like that good of an idea, like any of the stimulant diet pills in years past. There’s a good chance you’ll feel jittery and nervous with this pill, especially if you’re not used to caffeine.

Also in Xyng is our old friend Garcinia, on which there is zero convincing evidence for weight loss.

Maca and ginseng, both of which may make you horny (but that’s about it) are in there as well, presumably for the ‘energize the body’ part of the claim. Heh heh.

Overall, Xyng seems like a stimulant with possible appetite suppression properties, at least for the short-term. But you can take 5-HTP for those and sidestep the risky stimulants – 5-HTP is widely available on its own.


Flush: Flush, as you can probably deduce with not too much trouble or intelligence, is a laxative. You’ll be ‘flushing’ a lot because the main ingredient is senna, which is in Senokot laxative that you can buy at the drugstore. There’s nothing simpler than this. The claim on flush (with my interjections, natch) is:

Flush is an all natural cleanse that resets the body (nothing resets your body, that’s impossible unless you are born again with different DNA) by aiding in digestion (more like, giving you the runs), removing harmful toxins (they don’t exist and if they do they’re not in your colon), and improving nutrient absorption (what? You’re LOSING nutrients in this situation – and this can be dangerous).

It may help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight while restoring optimal body function (like, you’re not constipated anymore, is that what they mean?). Flush combats the buildup of toxins (no toxins in your colon) and reinforces the body’s natural defenses (nope).

I think you get the point. I think Flush is useless. Don’t take laxatives if you’re not constipated. In fact, the irresponsible use of laxatives can be dangerous.


Global Blend: Just an antioxidant juice shot. Eh.

Axion: Digestive enzymes and probiotics. Nothing to see here, people.

I think the thing that makes me the angriest about Ignite is the diet that comes with it.

I found this outline online (and if it’s not correct, let me know – it may not be directly from the company, but this is the crap you find distributors posting, to go along with your supplements) and clearly, Ignite is a shitload of supplements coupled with a starvation diet. OF COURSE you can lose a ton of weight in the week you’re on this diet – you’re eating far too few calories to even exist. Their verbage is the worst (my comments are italicized):

  • At the end of the day fruit contains as much or more sugar than a Coke (too much of anything isn’t good, but scaring people from eating fruit and comparing it to a soft drink is pathetic)
  • With the XYNGULAR IGNITE WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM, you will lose fat from your core first and that is why people will notice such a dramatic difference in how you look in such a short time. Make sure you have enough products to achieve your weight loss goals. (You can’t predict where fat is going to be lost from, so making this claim is shady. Also, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH PRODUCT = OHMYGOD FEAR OF MISSING OUT! SPEND MORE MONEY AND BUY MORE OF OUR STUFF SO YOU GET THINNER!!!! I just can’t, this is so ridiculous and gross)
  • Remember, protein-only days are ESSENTIAL to successfully achieving results with the XYNGULAR IGNITE FAT BURNING SYSTEM! (So is starving yourself, since that’s what it seems the diet is all about. Also, this claim makes no sense physiologically FYI)
  • The difference between doing this program 90% or doing it 100% could be the difference between turning your body into a fat burning machine or not. Even a small setback can drastically reduce the results you get in the 8 days…. Give this program a 100% for the next 8 days and you will change your life forever!!!!!!!! (Yes you will – you might mess up your attitude about yourself and about food, and start a yo-yo dieting cycle; talk about changing your life forever…but in a bad way)

The price of the Xyngular Ingite 8-day kit is listed as $391.00. Yikers.


In Short:

  • I think it sucks that companies are still promoting products that make you think that you can outsmart your body.

You can use ‘Cheat+’ to eat and then not absorb calories.

You can ‘Flush’ the mythical toxins out and be a shiny new person.

You can drink a 50-calorie supplement and be #fitspo lean.

You can use ‘Thermogenic’ herbs that burn fat and make you thin.

I can see how this sort of marketing is attractive to people, but it’s a vast oversimplification of science (or is just plain wrong). In reality, if it worked, everyone would be at their ideal weight and the weight-loss industry would cease to exist. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not the exception for who the laws of science and physiology don’t apply.

  • Relying on weight loss products like this means that to maintain weight, you’ll likely have to continue taking them forever. How does taking handfuls of supplements and following a super-low calorie diet ‘change habits’? After 8 days of being on this diet, how are you planning on maintaining your losses? Not okay. You can’t just add foods back without weight gain, like the diet suggests. Then you’ll want to go back on the diet…yo yo!
  • Just because a supplement contains ‘proven’ ingredients doesn’t mean the dose is correct (nor might you want it to be) to mimic results in the research (read: glucomannan)
  • Just because a supplement is sold over the counter/by MLM doesn’t mean it can’t have dangerous side effects (read: synephrine and taking multiple stimulants in general)
  • When you lose weight, you’re the same person you’ve always been. You’re not a ‘new you’, you just weigh less. You still have the same life, the same problems, the same everything. So when a company tells you that your life is going to change after you take their product, you need to really think about that.
  • Here is a handy FDA factsheet which contains the evidence on a few of the ingredients in the Ignite Kit. And for those of you conspiracy theorists, the FDA is NOT withholding information about how these ingredients are actually SUPER effective for weight loss.
  • Your body is not a ‘fat burning machine’, it’s a body. And it deserves a hell of a lot more respect than this idiot diet plan gives it.

The Verdict:

There’s not a lot of evidence supporting the ingredients used in the products contained in Xyngular Ignite, and the products themselves have zero research behind them. Eh.

The diet is brutal. And by brutal, I mean ‘crash diet starvation’. No, no, no.


Remember that this blog is purely my opinion. As long as something isn’t dangerous, if you’d like to try it, you’re definitely free to do so.

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