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oil free diet

(Diet Review) The Engine 2 Diet Oil-Free Diet: Stricter Than Vegan?

I recently put out a call on my Facebook page, asking my followers to tell me which diets they want me to review. One of the diets that came up a couple of times was the oil-free Engine 2 diet. I’d never heard of this plan, so I went over to the Engine 2 site…
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The New Biggest Loser Review: Why Are We Still Watching Weight-Loss TV?

The more things change, the more things stay the same. And unfortunately, it seems like certain entities, like The Biggest Loser, never learn from their mistakes. I guess the lure of money is just too strong, go figure.   The show should have slunk off four years ago to some dark corner of the universe…
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Trim Healthy Mama

Trim Healthy Mama Review – Food Sanity, or Just Another Diet?

This Trim Healthy Mama review is an opinion piece. I’ve gotten countless requests over the years to do a Trim Healthy Mama review, so here we are! I bought the book and was infuriated pretty much as soon as I opened it. In fact, I was clenching my jaw so much while I was writing this,…
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Learning Curve: Are Collagen Supplements The Fountain Of Wellness?

I was recently at the store when something caught my eye: collagen popcorn. As in, popcorn with collagen sprinkled all over it. Considering that most commercially sold collagen comes from animal skins, hooves, tendons, and other gross parts, the thought of anyone wanting to eat it on their popcorn for what might amount to negligible…
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Dr Oz System 20

The Dr. Oz System 20 Plan: The End of Fad Diets?

I have to put aside my revulsion of everything Dr. Oz to write this review of the System 20 Diet, which Dr. Oz says isn’t a diet at all.  Okay. I’m good. Let’s do this. What Is The Dr. Oz System 20 Plan? System 20 is Dr. Oz’s weight loss and lifestyle plan for 2020,…
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The Sirtfood Diet: ‘Celebrity Nutritionists’ Just Need to Stop Now.

Any time a celebrity loses weight on a new diet, you can bet that the media will lose its shit. Hence, all of the noise about the Sirtfood Diet, which apparently is how Adele lost a huge amount of weight (and ended up in the media in a bikini, frolicking on a beach with Harry…
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