I have no idea why I’ve been subjected to a flurry of Medical Medium-based posts lately, and honestly, it’s putting me in a really crappy mood.

You might have seen my Instagram Reel and graphic post on celery juice, which is Anthony William (that’s the MM’s real name..the only real thing about him IMO) cash cow.

With 6 books and some impressive celebrity endorsements, William has been raking it in $$$.

‘Millions of people worldwide,’ including influencers, celebrities, ‘billionaires,’ and sports stars ‘trust and love’ him. His words, not mine.

He claims to be ‘an invaluable resource to doctors who need help solving their most difficult cases.’ Uh, probably not, but ok.

And most of all, he calls himself ‘the originator of the Global Celery Juice Movement…Millions of people are healing thanks to drinking 16 ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach every day – a specific healing practice that Anthony has been recommending since he was a child in 1975.’

Gotcha. Apparently, he was four when he first started working in nutrition. 

William claims to get all of his direction and information from ‘Spirit,’ which he describes as ‘The living essence of the word Compassion.’ He believes that Spirit is not only ‘accurate,’ but it’s also ahead of current treatments in what it recommends to him. As in, conventional medicine hasn’t caught up yet. 

He has no medical or nutritional background, and the disclaimer on his site is as long as my arm. He scoffs at medical research and mainstream treatments, and says his protocols can cure diseases and conditions that are otherwise incurable.

Just in case you’ve missed the last couple of paragraphs, this guy is doling our ‘cures’ brought to him by Spirit. Does anyone who’s following him realize how effed up that is? Think about it: you probably don’t believe in aliens, but you’ll let a guy like William treat your medical issues? 


The Medical Medium 3:6:9 cleanse.

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of talk about the Medical Medium 3:6:9 liver rescue cleanse, which is a 9-day cleanse that apparently detoxes your liver of all the viruses, heavy metals, and bacteria that are supposedly lurking in there, potentially causing you very scary and horrible illnesses. 

The 3:6:9 cleanse looks like this:

The first three days, fats are only allowed in the evening, and only 50% of your normal intake. No gluten, dairy, eggs, lamb, pork, or canola oil. 

The next six days, there are no fats allowed. It’s basically a lot of apples, along with raw fruit and vegetables, except for day 9, which is all liquids.

The final three days are when the ‘toxins’ apparently get ‘flushed out.’ One person wrote of the last stage, “At this stage of the cleanse the body is releasing larger amounts of poisons, viral and bacterial waste, it needs lower quantities of food and higher quantities of liquid-based healing solutions. These specific options provide critical balance as you flush out toxins.”

GAWD. That ‘flushing’ is not ‘cleansing’ anything. It’s your body reacting negatively to what you’re eating, which is why you can’t stop pooping.

During the cleanse, there’s lots of celery juice, lemon water, and even a ‘heavy metal detox smoothie,’ containing wild blueberries, banana, orange juice, spirulina, dulse, barley grass juice, and cilantro. What in actual eff. No, seriously – none of that stuff detoxes you of heavy metals which if you were full of, FYI, you’d KNOW. 

This whole heavy metal and ‘toxins’ stuff is what the MM bases his entire brand on, but it’s ridiculous. Your body isn’t a sewer pipe that’s holding a bunch of unnamed toxins, heavy metals, viruses, and garbage.

Your. Body. Doesn’t. Work. Like. That.

I swear, if I could make those six words birth unicorns farting sparkle dust just to jar people back to reality, I would. I so would.

Our bodies ARE NOT DIRTY. They don’t wallow in their own filth. And for the millionth time, cleansing is unnecessary. Our liver’s job is to filter out any toxins that come its way, and it doesn’t need help. It especially doesn’t need nine days of organic raw fruits and vegetables.

The MM also does other cleanses, such as the 28-day cleanse during which followers eat nothing but fruit and vegetables. Again, malarkey to the highest degree. This does nothing but starve you.It doesn’t cure, reset, or rest anything. It’s completely unnecessary for health. 

In other news, I read some blogs written by influencers who are totally into MM cleanses. They all said the same thing: that during the toughest days of the cleanse, their emotions were unleashed and that was a sign that their body truly ‘cleansing’ itself. That’s what they’ve come to believe because the MM told them that’s what was going to happen. 

Anthony William is essentially convincing followers that what they’re feeling is something completely false. The power he has over his followers is like that of a cult leader. 

What’s actually happening though, is that when you don’t eat, your blood sugar imbalance can throw your entire mood out of whack. That’s what’s happening with the emotional breakdowns. It’s not your body cleansing you. 

Celery juice.

Celery juice gets its own section in this post, because it’s unbelievable. Not in a good way, either.

Aside from not containing huge amounts of micronutrients like people claim it does, William says it contains magical ‘cluster salts,’ which don’t exist.

No, I’m serious – cluster salts do not exist. The MM invented them, and he also invented all of the things they supposedly do: 

celery juice

There is absolutely nothing magical about celery juice. It hydrates, but that’s it. Cluster salts aren’t a ‘neurotransmitter chemical’ – that doesn’t even make sense. They don’t ‘neutralize toxins’ or ‘disarm’ them. 

I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone, being in this world where people actually believe this utter BS garbage. It’s nuts. It’s like The Onion, except unbelievably, it’s not. These are the mutterings of a madman who has no experience, in science, and no belief in it, either. 

Celery juice isn’t harmful, but it’s probably useless.

Here’s the thing: the cult-like following that William’s has on social media will swear that their X condition disappeared once they started drinking celery juice or doing his cleanses.

But this could be because of a few things:

  1. The placebo effect. Yes, it’s real.
  2. The cleanses functioned as an elimination diet, which took out the offending food. A cleanse isn’t a good way to determine what’s causing you symptoms. 
  3. They changed something else about their diet, along with drinking the juice.
  4. They are experiencing remission of whatever it was that they had, which is great. But unlikely, and even less likely because of the celery juice itself.

Newsflash: Anthony William probably doesn’t have special powers to figure out your problems and heal them.

If that sort of thing existed, NOBODY WOULD BE SICK. 

His M.O. is typical of scammers in the wellness space:

  • They tell you that you have a problem.
  • Then, they sell you the solution to this problem. 

It’s usually a problem that you didn’t know you had. This is smart, because you can’t measure – except for subjectively, of course – if the problem exists and if it has been cured. A big dose of, ‘you have scary things inside your body that are making you sick,’ but you can get rid of them with this ‘special’ cleanse. 

The medical-sounding verbiage, glowing celebrity endorsements, and fear tactics increase the placebo effect of the ‘treatment.’  

Because Robert DeNiro said it works, so it must work! He’s a big star with tons of money! Why would he trust someone who was selling something that didn’t work?

Um. Because Hollywood? See: penis facials, urine drinking, and perineum sunning. 

Don’t look to celebrities for your health advice. Enough said.


People love the Medical Medium for another reason, too: because our medical system is broken. If you have certain chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, if you’re fat, if you’re female, our medical system historically hasn’t been as good to you as it should have been. It hasn’t listened. It hasn’t heard. It hasn’t helped. And maybe sometimes, it doesn’t have the answers to whatever symptoms you’re suffering from.

This is a systemic issue that isn’t Anthony William’s fault, but he’s taking full advantage of it. 

I find this particularly egregious. Just like ‘holistic cancer practitioners’ telling cancer patients that coffee enemas can cure their disease, William preys on the desperate.   

And while celery juice isn’t harmful, I think a lot of what he says potentially harms people. Here’s how:

 He could be stopping people from getting the medical help they need. 

Anti-medical sentiment is a real problem. If you have a real condition that needs real medicine, and you avoid that medicine because someone promises you a natural ‘cure,’ you could be at best, suffering needlessly. At worst, you could die. Food isn’t medicine

Here’s a couple of graphics from the MM site.

medical medium cure
Source: Medicalmedium.com

This graphic is unbelievably irresponsible and dangerous. If strep throat isn’t treated, especially in children, it can be lethal. And strep doesn’t only occur in throats: strep-infected wounds can evolve into flesh-eating disease.

Also: the MM believes that eggs ‘feed strep bacteria.’  This is completely made-up.

DO NOT treat any type of strep with honey and other foods. 

medical medium chronic disease
Source: Medicalmedium.com

As far as this graphic goes, there is nothing pictures that will stop a person from ‘healing’ from chronic illness. On the other hand, nothing in this graphic causes chronic illness. The development of chronic illness can’t be pinned on ONE or TWO foods. None of the foods here are harmful in the least. His selection of foods is completely random. 

He tells people that his protocols can cure incurable diseases and conditions. 

This is called, ‘lying.’ If we could cure these things, we would have done it. And no, ‘Big Pharma’ isn’t hiding anything from us.

He tells people that cleanses ‘heal’ their relationship with food.

Really? One blogger wrote, after her cleanse was done, “It’s one week post cleanse and I feel guilty about nearly everything I eat. Which mind you is nothing that bad, but if I eat a nut, I feel like I’m cheating myself/body.” Well then, YES. THAT IS BAD.

Eating nothing but fruit and vegetables for 28 days is horrid for your health, lacking protein and minerals, potentially causing muscle loss, and just completely messing with peoples’ perception of food. NOT OKAY. EVER. And so, so unnecessary. 

He causes anxiety around food and eating, by scaring people with meaningless words. 

‘Heavy metals,’ ‘toxins,’ ‘poison’….these are scary words. And they make Williams sound like he knows what he’s talking about…except he doesn’t.

medical medium liver cleanse
Source: Medicalmedium.com

Nothing in this graphic is harmful. Citric acid is harmless – it’s what makes citrus fruit tart. Formaldehyde, yes, is used in embalming. But it occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables, and animal proteins. Yes, the same fruits and vegetables that are in the MM cleanses. Interesting.

When you tell people that scary things are in their food, it makes people not want to eat. It causes anxiety about eating the ‘wrong’ things. It causes distrust in the food system. And it’s elitist AF – because the people who can afford to listen to and practice what the MM tells them, can afford all of this organic produce for 28 days. Or 9 days. They can afford not to worry about where their next meal is coming from. They don’t care if all they have to eat is tuna and pasta from the food bank. 

Does this mean all of those ‘other’ people are screwed? 

If the guy was just telling people how great celery juice tasted, I wouldn’t care. 

But it’s his grift that I have a problem with. And the fact that so many people are falling for it.

In short.

Would you trust a surgeon or lawyer who gets their guidance and education from spirit? Hell no.

So why are you trusting Anthony William with your health? 

He’s selling fairy tales, misinformation, false hope, and fear to millions of followers. Don’t be one of them.