It Works Keto: High On Caffeine, Low on Substance.

It Works Keto: High On Caffeine, Low on Substance.

It Works Keto

I last did an It Works review back in 2015, and I’ve recently noticed that desperate to stay relevant, the company has now come out with new keto and collagen products. Time for a new review!

It Works is another MLM that sells all sorts of products, from nutritionals to eyelash serum to sweatshirts that say, ‘Happiness is a cup of keto coffee.’ Now you know what to get me for Christmas!

It appears as though It Works has pretty much sold its soul to the keto craze with its Skinny Brew and Keto Coffee. The It Works wraps are still available, but it seems as though they’re sort of on the back burner right now as more of an adjunct to the new products. Because KETO!

Let’s look at the newest It Works products.

What is It Works Skinny Brew?

Skinny Brew is basically coffee with a crapload of chromium, green tea, added caffeine, and a ‘nootropic brain blend’ that is not going to make you any smarter. But that doesn’t stop It Works from promoting this coffee as:

Fat burning


Brain enhancing

Hunger killing

And my favorite, a ‘game changer’

But how?! Show me the game it’s changing, and how.

Even though a ton of MLM supplements contain chromium, this mineral has never been proven to have any effect on weight. 

In fact, none of the ingredients in this product have ever been shown in research to ‘burn fat’ or  do anything else on that list except for ‘energizing,’ because caffeine. And believe me, you’ll be ‘energized’ with Skinny Brew:There’s 225 mg of caffeine from coffee powder and green coffee bean in each Skinny Brew packet, but wait: It Works Skinny Brew also has guarana and yerba mate, which both contain caffeine as well, but IW doesn’t disclose how much more caffeine comes from those sources. So every pack of Skinny Coffee is like Russian Roulette…which is probably why It Works recommends followers take only one packet a day. 

In short? It Works Skinny Coffee will have you coked up on caffeine and empty promises all day long.

So much for being a ‘game changer.’

It Works Keto Brew

It Works Keto Brew is essentially butter coffee in a packet, with coffee, MCT and grass-fed butter. But wait!

Unlike actual butter coffee that contains around 400-500 calories and 30-40 grams of fat, It Works Keto Brew contains only 100 calories and 9 grams of fat. Weak. 

The purpose of drinking butter coffee is for satiety (40 grams of fat will do that), and the MCT oils that convert to ketones faster than other fats. They are sometimes called ‘fat burning,’ but that’s not exactly true. No food burns fat, even MCTs. 

It Works Keto Brew also contains collagen peptides, which the company claims ‘helps build and restore vital protein and lean muscle in the body.’ That’s fine, but each packet of Keto Brew has less than 1 gram of protein. Obviously, It Works is hitching a ride on the collagen buzzword train, making claims without actually putting a significant amount of the stuff in this product.

Even if you wanted to drink true butter coffee, the numbers in It Works Keto Brew don’t stack up. It’s far too low in calories and fat to have any sort of effect on satiety. It’s like really expensive coffee with cream..or watered down butter coffee. In other words, Keto Brew is like a weak version of ‘Bulletproof’ coffee that, taken in addition to your normal diet, probably won’t lead to weight loss any more than normal coffee. 

It Works Carb Blocker

As if its amped up Skinny Brew and weak Keto Brew weren’t enough, It Works feeds consumers fear-mongerig, unscientific BS to sell the It Works Carb Control, which supposedly blocks carbs.

“Carbohydrates are everywhere—not just in your pasta. They’re hidden in everyday foods and drinks, and they give you cravings. Have you ever eaten a bag of chips, felt temporarily satisfied, yet found yourself hungry, agitated, and low on energy again just a few hours later? That’s a glycemic stress cycle fueled by carbs. Carbs spike your blood sugar, forcing your body to overreact with an insulin surge that tries to push circulating glucose into cells. That excess glucose must go somewhere, and in many cases, it ultimately converts to body fat and weight gain. It Works! Carb Control works to minimize glycemic stress.”

Okay, no. No. No. No. Carbs do NOT give you cravings. And there is no such things as a glycemic stress’s a MADE UP, scary-sounding term to frighten you! And guess who made it up? The company that sells the ingredients in It Works Carb Blocker!!!

What in actual fuck!!!!

It Works Carb Control contains phaseolamin and fucoxanthin aka brown seaweed and white kidney bean, that are NOT new, and in fact are in many MLM ‘carb blockers’ that I’ve reviewed.

The evidence for both of these ingredients is lacking, and think about it: don’t you think that diabetics (and everyone else, too) all over the world would be using them if they actually blocked carbs to any significant degree?


It Works Cleanse is a little bottle of laxatives (aloe vera and magnesium), diuretic (dandelion), apple cider vinegar (because ACV…another buzzword that means nothing) and other herbals that It Works claims ‘supports liver detox’ and gut health. According to the product info, “You’ll feel much cleaner, a little lighter, and totally back on track. Go ahead—this deserves a happy dance.”

Uh, not really. Sure, the It Works cleanse has prebiotic fiber to nourish your gut, but you can easily get that in normal food. I don’t think we really need a ‘happy dance’ to celebrate useless ‘cleansing’ via laxatives and diuretics. This is also another example of It Works trying to cash in on the popularity of certain ingredients that do absolutely nothing. 

We don’t have ‘toxins’ that need special cleanses to remove from our body. I will keep saying this until everyone understands it and STOPS wasting their money on bullshit like the It Works cleanse. 

‘Thermofight X’  is a ‘fat burner’ that It Works claims can help you lose 31 pounds in 90 days.

What, 30 pounds isn’t exact enough, it has to be THIRTY-ONE?

It Works claims that Thermofight is ‘next gen 2.0’ and has a proprietary ingredient, ‘greenselect phytosome,’ that is a ‘clinically proven’ miracle fat-burner. It’s really just green tea and sunflower lecithin with caffeine, though. The supplement also contains the usual suspects: chromium, hot peppers, caffeine, and green coffee bean, none of which have shown any efficacy at all in terms of the promotion of weight loss.

I found the studies (and here) done on greenselect phytosome, and needless to say, they’re pretty bad.One study’s diet was cutting calories by 750-1000 a day with ‘no junk food’ (their words, not mine). Both studies had faulty methodology. Both studies were industry-funded.

I say this again because it needs to be said one more time – if this compound actually worked to help people lose weight in the real world, it would be a hell of a lot more popular, and likely regulated by the FDA and sold by a large pharma company. 

No fat burners, no matter what they contain, raise the metabolism high enough for long enough to result in any appreciable fat loss. Please always remember that before you spend your hard earned money on Thermofight.

The research

As with pretty much every MLM nutrition company I’ve reviewed, It Works doesn’t have any research on their actual products. 

Nothing else to add – all I can say is that if you have such a life-changing product line, shouldn’t you do some legitimate research on how well it does what you say it does?

And BTW: testimonials and before and after photos, which It Works has plenty of, don’t equal research to back up claims. Why would I ever buy something from an It Works rep who’s posting her own before and afters? 

It looks like It Works uses the latest buzzwords and ‘wellness’ trends to try and sell its products, but in reality, what it’s selling is just the same old bullshit. Maybe people have gotten tired of useless body wraps, so It Works decided to capitalize on keto and trendy ingredients.


In short:

Fat burners don’t work. They never have. If they ever do, I promise I’ll let you know.

Cleanses don’t work. Your body cleanses itself by pooing, peeing, and breathing.

The keto diet might be effective for some, but it’s not a magic bullet that everyone should try.

Consuming a crapload of caffeine and other stimulants isn’t going to be a ‘game changer,’ it’s just going to make you wired.

And can we just give the apple cider vinegar thing a rest? It does nothing except make a good salad dressing.

It Works Keto Brew, It Works Skinny Brew, and all of the other It Works products are long on hype and low on proof. 

With It Works, the name of the game is losing weight and getting ‘skinny.’ Along with plenty of moralistic words like ‘guilt-free,’ clean, ‘results-driven,’ and


Save your money.