A ton of people have asked me to write a B-Epic review, so here it is!

B-Epic is a nutrition MLM that has a pretty limited product line (compared to other nutrition MLMs), and claims to sell ‘advanced health supplementation.’ 

You know, just in case you thought that the company was selling the same old MLM thing.

I instantly know that a product is sold by MLM when I go to the website and there’s an ‘opportunity’ tab. Except that MLMs are not an opportunity for most people, unless they’re the ones at the top of the pyramid. 

The other 95% of people selling by MLM will either lose money, or break even. 

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That’s not what I’d call an ‘opportunity,’ but as you’ll read, B-Epic (and most MLMs) have issues with definitions. You’ll see what I mean.

B-Epic claims that with their products, you can ‘transform your life’ in just 60 days, which sounds like a lot of promise for such a short time. 

‘Transform your life.’ Like what? Is it going to make me rich and famous, with a closetful of nice shoes?

B-Epic reviews

One of the nutrition MLM calling cards is ‘synergistic’ ingredients, which supposedly work together in mysterious ways to help you lose weight, sleep better, and overall be healthier.


B-Epic claims that the ‘synergistic,’ ‘advanced health supplements’ in the Acceler8 pack helps you ‘manage weight’ and ‘detoxify your body’ while promoting sleep.

What Acceler8 really is, is a laxative that also contains prebiotic fibre and a low-dose probiotic (Acceler8 Restore), and a herbal sleep aid (Acceler8 sleep).

In other words, if you’re not in the bathroom all night from their laxative product, you should be sleeping. 

B-Epic says this about its Acceler8 Restore: Acceler8 Restore has a gentle detoxing effect that naturally cleanses the body, so it is better empowered to restore itself to an optimal balance. It is also packed with high quality, beneficial bacteria that help replenish the gut microbiome, which is vital for overall health and strong digestive and immune systems.

I feel like there are a lot of nutrition MLM companies that somehow manage to confuse the words ‘laxative’ with ‘detox.’

It’s a pretty easy concept to understand, and if you’re selling a product to unsuspecting consumers, you should probably get your facts straight: laxatives don’t ‘detox’ anything. 

Yes, pooping is one of the ways the body gets rid of toxins. But there is no value in laxation over and above the natural stooling process.

In other words, more isn’t better. In fact, it can mess up your gut bacteria and cause dehydration. And it goes without saying (but I’ll say it again): detoxing is NOT A THING. 

There is absolutely nothing in either of these products that ‘manages weight.’ Giving someone a laxative doesn’t manage weight. You might feel and weigh lighter once you s*it your brains out, but that’s not actual fat weight. Once you have a meal, you’ll put it all back on.

The weight loss is just an illusion.

As far as the Acceler8 Sleep sleep aid goes, I don’t really care about that. I’m a dietitian, not a sleep doctor. Sure, the product contains a herbal sleep aid. And yes, you can buy the exact same thing at the drugstore – probably for cheaper. 

There is nothing ‘synergistic’ about the ingredients in these two supplements, but that doesn’t appear to matter to B-Epic and all of the nutrition MLMs that I’ve seen using that term to convince potential buyers that they’re getting something special.


B-Slim is B-Epic’s signature weight-loss supplement. Most nutrition MLMs have one. 

Marketed on the B-Epic site with a photo of a slim woman with big boobs in a bikini, this product claims to ‘reduce cravings with every sip!’

B-Slim reviews

OMG. Tacky AF. Also: what is this magical elixir? 

Oh, just some drink with African mango extract. Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

B-Epic says, “African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) seed extract has long been used to provide effective weight management support. It has also been found to be effective at helping reduce hunger and body fat. B-SLIM contains a patented, clinically proven Irvingia seed extract for weight management support. The ingredient has substantiated claims for appetite control, satiety (feeling of fullness), weight management, and metabolic wellness.”

Well, that’s a freaking mouthful…and, a lot of claims in one little paragraph. 

Sounds great, right? I mean, weight loss, reduced hunger and body fat, satiety, metabolic wellness…is B-Slim the holy grail? 

And it sounds like this irvingia gabonensis ingredient has some legit research behind it!

Except…not so fast.

B-Epic (not surprisingly) doesn’t offer up that research for our scrutiny, so I had to go looking for it. No problem! That’s my job!

The first study I found was done in 2005 in Cameroon, and published in Lipids in Health and Disease. 

Each participant got a total of 3.15 grams of irvingia a day. 

For your information, each tablet of B-Slim contains 300mg of irvingia. We’re assuming that the B-Slim product has the same formulation of the active ingredient as used in the study above, although this may not be the case, because the B-Slim product is a ‘proprietary blend’ – another nutrition MLM calling card.

The recommended dose of B-Slim is 1-2 tabs a day, totalling 600mg of irvingia at most. This is significantly less than what was used in the study. If you wanted to duplicate the dose in this study, you’d have to swallow 10 B-Slims a day. 

Nonetheless, the study results were unremarkable, although they did qualify as ‘significant.’

This happens sometimes – but significance isn’t the best indicator that something works. And in this case, it probably doesn’t. 

I think it’s important to understand – and this goes for all the nutrition MLM products with ‘research’ behind them – that if a product or ingredient was as effective as a company claims it to be, it would be used widely and regulated by the FDA. 

It would be everywhere. A lot of people would be using it. It would be a huge thing. And it wouldn’t be sold by MLM, most definitely. 

None of that is happening, and it’s not because nutrition MLMs like B-Epic have found the secret to weight loss and health and are hoarding that secret just for their paying customers. It’s because these products and ingredients haven’t been shown as effective.

I’m sure there are other African Mango studies out there, but I’m not even bothering to look for them. You don’t have to either – examine.com has a great page on African Mango and their conclusion is that the studies on it are total garbage.

Needless to say, B-Slim probably doesn’t do what it says it does. 

You can’t just take a pill or drink a drink and magically melt fat or attenuate appetite or lose gobs of weight. Still, nutrition MLMs like B-Epic bank on the fact that people will buy these products. And clearly, it’s working – these companies are constantly popping up in everyone’s feed.

Also: these products aren’t synergistic in any way. If you wanted to, you could certainly take one or the other, and experience the exact same effects as you would while taking them together.

B-Epic Hydr8tion

This product. Is. Completely. Effed. Up. Period.

B-Epic Hydra8tion is a ‘water alkalizer’ that you’re supposed to add to your water to make it alkaline.

Look at the claims that B-Epic makes about it:

B-epic reviews

The problem?

All of these claims aren’t at all based in science. None of them. If you can’t tell, I’m super 


B-Epic also has an exogenous ketone supplement, B-Keto. The B-whatever stuff is getting annoying already. 

Exogenous ketones are total trash, and if you’ve read my post on them, you’d know that already. B-Epic says, “Drinking sugar-free B-KETO, you can experience many of the benefits from increasing the active ketone levels in your body without cutting carbs from your diet.”

This is patently untrue, and is not how ketosis works. 

You can’t ingest ketones on a regular diet, and suddenly be using the ketones for energy. What will happen is that you’ll just be choking down what is usually a drink that tastes like death, and just burning the carbs that you’ve eaten, first. 

Carbs are your body’s preferred energy source, no matter what the keto warriors say. Given the choice of ketones versus carbs, your body will take the carbs every time. The exogenous ketones will just be another, less valuable source of energy for your body.

Hm. That’s not how keto is supposed to work. 

You’ll see ketones in your urine after drinking exogenous ketones, but this is normal – it’s the way your body clears them out. That does NOT mean you’re in ketosis.

It’s all a ruse. Don’t fall for it, please.

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A special mention goes to the GR8Kids supplements, which B-Epic claims is “the quickest, most delicious way to eat your fruits and veggies.”

Uh, no. Fruit and vegetable powders aren’t the same as eating whole fruits and vegetables, and let’s not teach our kids that they are.

Also: it disgusts me when nutrition MLMs have a kids line. It’s like a gross play for brand loyalty from a young age, and it just adds another level of sliminess to the entire company. 

Nutrition MLMs and Marketing.

I want to call out B-Epic for something that all nutrition MLMs do, which is their marketing strategy. 

These companies tell a great story – they use lots of photos of seemingly healthy, happy people on their websites, and they use tons of buzzwords that stir emotions in potential buyers.

Words like, ‘natural,’ ‘holistic,’ ‘transformation,’ ‘balance,’ and ‘life-changing’ are used to help you envision yourself using the products and suddenly becoming a different person in a different body and different life.

They also love to talk about how their products are ‘proven,’ developed using ‘cutting-edge research,’ and ‘advanced,’ which is meant to inspire trust in their products and the science behind them.

It’s very persuasive, and I know that it’s tough not to fall for this sort of thing. But please be aware of it, both with nutrition MLMs and other products. 

B-Epic reviews

I literally have never found a nutrition MLM that has solid science to back up their claims about their products. Not one, and I’ve reviewed pretty much all of these companies. Just because there’s ‘research’ about something, doesn’t mean that that research is compelling or even worth considering.

Often, it’s sponsored by the company, which dramatically increases the risk for bias.

Sometimes, companies post research about ingredients in their products, and not about the products themselves.

Most times, the research is extremely shoddy, with poor methodology. Sometimes, it hasn’t be done in humans – only animals. 

All of this should be considered when someone is trying to sell you something based on ‘research.’

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B-Epic review, In short:

B-Epic seems to make a lot of promises that fall short of the current research and basic physiology. 

B-ware. Don’t B-fooled by tacky gimmicks and big claims and promises that nutrition MLMs can’t prove or fulfill.