This diet review is an opinion piece that reviews the claims for a product against the latest science and basic physiology. 

I never thought I’d be doing another review on Isagenix, but here we are. 

This time, I’m reviewing the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse, which the company claims is a ‘long-term, flexible program for for individuals who want to lose weight’. 

I guess the ‘long-term, flexible’ option would be initially attractive to people because hey – nobody wants to lose weight just for a few weeks, and we all want options, right? But wait: what does this program actually entail? 

It’s definitely time for an Isagenix update post, so let’s do this!

Isagenix’s Claims

Isagenix claims that the $378.50 USD 30-Day Cleanse “kick-starts weight loss, promotes cleansing and fat burning, and is a groundbreaking path to healthy weight loss…also designed to help support the body’s natural detoxification systems.” With this system, they claim that you’ll: 

  • Experience consistent weight loss
  • Satisfy cravings for unhealthy food
  • Improve muscle tone

On the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse, there are ‘shake days’, and ‘cleanse days’. According to Isagenix, “Shake day is about replacing unhealthy high calorie foods with IsaLean shakes”. How about replacing unhealthy food with, you know, HEALTHY FOOD? But I digress.

On shake days, you’ll use IsaLean meal replacement shakes for two meals a day, and then eat a third meal of around 500 calories, which you make yourself. Shakes are between 240 and 280 calories, approximately half of what I’d call an actual meal. If you get hungry, which you most likely will, you can treat yourself with an Isagenix snack like 100-calorie Slim Cakes, which look like little turds. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Yum yum!

On shake days, you’ll take:

Ionix Supreme for mental clarity and focus! Ionix Supreme appears to contain herbs and adaptogens in unknown amounts, many of which have little to no research behind them. And even if some of the adaptogens in this product are beneficial, the ‘proprietary blend’ doesn’t allow us to know if the amounts of them in Ionix Supreme are even effective. 

And, your Natural Accelerator ‘with any meal’ to ‘support your metabolism’!

Oh no, it’s the same old ‘fat burning’ claim. Natural Accelerator throws all of the usual suspects together for the typical ‘metabolism raising’ supplement: cocoa, green tea, apple cider vinegar, cayenne, cinnamon, chromium, and of course, ionic alfalfa! Isagenix seems to be quite fond of ionic alfalfa, even though it has basically zero evidence behind it. Maybe the ‘ionic’ part makes it sound all science-y and effective, even though it probably isn’t. 

Long story short? No supplement, drink, or food burns fat or increases your metabolism high enough or long enough where you’ll see any perceptible weight loss. Move on.

And of course, IsaFlush at bedtime to support a balanced digestive system!

The name. Seriously? 

IsaFlush clearly is a laxative, although Isagenix claims that it ‘safely improves digestion’. The main ingredient is magnesium, which has a laxative effect. The other ingredients are a clay and a herb, both of which have insufficient evidence behind them for anything. Clay does tend to constipate, though.

And the Essentials multivitamins for key nutrients and herbs, twice a day!

I’m not even going to go there except to say that the vast majority of people don’t need any multivitamins if they’re eating a balanced diet. Oh wait! Isagenix isn’t a balanced diet! How messed up is it that they want to sell you back the nutrients you’re missing from actual food while you’re on their program? Think about it.

Every 2-5 days, you’ll have a ‘cleanse’ day, which Isagenix claims is “a unique system to minimize calories and maximize overall wellness”.

The cleanse days consist of: 

4 servings of Cleanse for Life – morning, midday, late afternoon, and evening. Isagenix calls Cleanse for Life “a synergistic blend of natural cleansing herbs and antioxidant botanicals to help support the body’s own detoxification processes.”

  • Helps eliminate stubborn fat and supports metabolism
  • Nourishes the body’s own detoxification systems
  • Powerful antioxidants nourish and protect your body

Cleanse for Life contains a bunch of herbs, including….tadaaaaaa! Ionic alfalfa! Why the heck is this stuff in everything? Don’t goats eat alfalfa?

Nothing about this product nourishes, detoxifies, or cleanses you. Your kidneys, liver, and lungs do that, and trust me here: those thing do not need to be ‘nourished’ by Cleanse for Life. Eating a balanced diet nourishes them just fine. 

Isagenix likes to say that this 30-Day Cleanse is like intermittent fasting, but it actually isn’t. The shake days are too low in calories, and intermittent fasting usually lasts at least 6 weeks and more frequently, longer. IF also doesn’t dictate that you consume this many supplements and laxatives, either. So no, this is not intermittent anything except for maybe common sense.

The worst part? Isagenix says that Cleanse for Life is safe for people ages 12+. If anyone reading this is giving this product to their kids (or for that matter, consuming it and/or other diet products in front of their kids), please STOP NOW. Kids do NOT need to be on a diet, a cleanse, or any fucked up supplement regimen when they’re KIDS. I’m sorry for the language, but I have seen more than my share of adults with messed up relationships with food because their parents convinced them that they needed to diet when they were younger. Kids should never hear the words ‘diet’, ‘skinny’, ‘detox’, ‘cleanse’, or any weight-related jargon. Never.

With the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse, you’ll also take:

Up to 6 Isagenix snacks a day, like the Whey Thins that look like cardboard. I’m sure they’re really tasty though.

1-2 IsaFlush capsules before bed.

That’s basically it for the cleanse portion. Nothing too exciting.

The sales pitch

One of the most unsettling things about Isagenix, along with some other high-profile diet programs, is the use of random unqualified people to sell the product. I suppose that’s the nature of MLM, but a colleague of mine managed to flip me some extremely crazy screenshots of one Isagenix salesperson’s posts on Facebook, and they were completely outrageous.

I knew you’d be dying to see what she wrote, so here are the posts. I marked them up, of course, my comments are in red:

Isagenix 30 day cleanse

Isagenix 30 day cleanse

I have trouble believing that a company supports someone who makes these claims all over social media, and I know she’s not the only Isagenix salesperson doing it. It’s concerning and shady that messaging like this is being fed to unsuspecting people, but I guess that’s why I write these diet reviews. You’re welcome!

In short:

I have to say that I’m pretty amazed that people are still falling for the ‘cleanse’ thing. Maybe it’s just me, but haven’t we learned by now that cleanses are useless? What is the point of doing this 30 day diet/cleanse, anyhow? Losing weight that’s mostly water and will come right back when you start eating normally? ‘Resetting your metabolism’, which really doesn’t work that way and in fact, may reset the wrong way, slowing down from lack of nourishment? Is it the handfuls of supplements that you couldn’t possibly take – or afford, for that matter – for the rest of your life, but are also unproven and likely do nothing? Or, the replacement of meals with a shake – reminiscent of Slim Fast, and we all know how that works – but not learning how to really prepare, savor, portion, and enjoy food? I know that you know all of what I’m saying here, so please don’t let emotion overtake intellect when you’re considering Isagenix or any other diet program.

The claims that Isagenix makes about its 30-Day Cleanse are nonsensical:

Consistent weight loss happens not in 30 days, but with long-term, healthy changes to your diet. Expensive supplements and meal replacements aren’t sustainable or required to achieve a healthy weight, so please don’t be convinced otherwise.

Cleansing doesn’t ‘satisfy cravings for unhealthy food’; rather, it can make you crave it because you’re starving yourself. Don’t get on that downward spiral.

Nothing improves muscle tone except for exercise. Not supplements, diets, or cleansing.

Cleansing doesn’t support metabolism. Isagenix likes to say that their 30-Day Cleanse is just like intermittent fasting, but in fact it’s not.

Cleansing to ‘kick-start’ weight loss is like getting a base tan before your holiday to Mexico. It’s a useless waste of time. In the end, the weight you lose from extreme dieting and cleansing is mostly water, which will return as soon as you resume eating a normal diet.  It’s just basic physiology. I know the promise of ‘transformation’ in just 30 days is tempting, but it’s also close to impossible. Again, please don’t let emotion dictate your choices here.

This is a low-calorie diet that lasts 30 days, makes untruthful claims, uses unproven ingredients, has no research behind it, and is a huge waste of money. The salespeople are clearly not supervised in how they promote the product, and to be honest, I’m not sure how Isagenix gets away with this entire racket – the products, claims, and the sales pitches. And marketing to kids under 18? What are they thinking? I guess they want to hook people for life…do you really want to give this company your money? 

Hard pass. 


  1. I love this! Lol I am also a RD and I want to slap people upside the head when they say anything about cleanses? Hello!!! You have a liver right?!? When I have people come to me asking about a diet plan, it’s hard enough to have them eat enough calories to reach their BMR. Such a low calorie diet is ridiculous. Less isn’t always better.

    I love reading your posts because you are very honest but frank about the facts.

  2. I tried Isagenix. I spent A lot of money. During the cleanse of No table food, I puked my guts out!!
    This was not for me.

  3. Hi Abby, Thankyou for your review. I’m having trouble finding scientifically information about what nutritional cleansing is. Can you give more info about the claims that past hormones or environmental toxins get stored in fat cells? I’ve also heard talk about complete fasting (drinking water only) as using up fat cells and thus dumping said mysterious ‘toxins’ back into the blood stream. Where is the physiological truth in this?

  4. Thank you so much for this.
    I will pass your comments along (with attribution) when I hear friends are considering Isagenix.

  5. Thank you for this! My best friend jumped into Isagenix three weeks ago, and I got an earful this morning. I heard that per test strips her body pH is now more alkaline and that cancer cannot live in an alkaline body. That it only costs $14 per day after tax and shipping so it is a major savings since it replaces high food costs. (I said that sounded expensive, and she jumped on me defending that it absolutely is not.) That she lost the last of her flabby belly after just one cleanse day. (She was very fit to start with so hard for me to confirm from looking at her but it could be true.) That the telomere support REVERSES aging; so every single person needs to be on the Isagenesis product. That her mentor is consulting with another friend of hers and suggesting the products that are going to heal her gum disease, diabetes and osteoarthritis in her hip (?!). That overall she and her husband felt an amazing boost in even energy and wellbeing in only three days so it’s easy to talk about the products. (They were both very fit people to start with; no fat to lose; so there will be no measurable results in their cases, except for pH test strips).

    That even if I’m completely resistant to MLM business and weight-loss products (WHICH I AM AND SHE KNOWS IT), I should at least be taking the Isagenesis and the Ionix products because everyone should. Therefore I should at least pay to be a consultant to save $ buying these two products. That obviously my parents should be taking them too; so that’s one of my two legs needed. That obviously since I will love those products, then I should sign up for auto ship. That I should sign up NOW to get a space towards the top of her leg so that I’m more like #4 instead of #40 since she’s going big and long-term and someday I may want to do this so I should hold the early space. (What happens to all the poor people who get in at #40?) That all I would need after that is one person that I refer that wants to build this business who she would help. I wouldn’t have to build it but then I could make $.

    It came at me so fast and furious that I didn’t even talk, didn’t object, didn’t refute. It was too much to even begin to refute, plus she wasn’t asking for my opinions or evaluation. She’s already all in and going strong. Lots of sign ups already. Isagenix has MIRACLE PRODUCTS. EVERYONE NEEDS THEM! Telomeres, telomeres, telomeres!! This is at least the third time we’ve talked all about it but the first time she’s pushed hard for me to sign up. FULL COURT PRESS! Wow! Even after I was clear that I’m not interested, not eating shakes or protein bars, etc, not signing up, she still pushed at least two more times trying to overcome my objections. I know this is how they are trained but it is still tough to have it coming from your best friend… (NOT LISTENING! BACK OFF!)

    She is an typically an amazing, mature woman or she would not be my friend; so I am assuming she will back off now and that this won’t come between us… but to be honest I’m not quite sure… not after the push, push, push this morning… Damn.

    Thank you Abby for all your writing about eating REAL FOOD. I’ve been working on this for years, getting better and better at eating less processed and more whole food all the time. I have a local farm raised pig in my freezer. I get a fruits and vegetables box from a local organic farm every week. Your blogs are really helping me to flush the trendy diet BS out of my head. I’m not feeling so guilty about eating yummy bread or fresh made pasta at restaurants anymore! I eat potatoes and rice regularly at home. It’s taking time because the brainwashing has been severe, but I’m getting there! Thank you for your constant message that it will not be an MLM that discovers and sells the miracle pill! That FOOD is what our bodies need!

    Thank you VERY MUCH for this post which I really needed this morning to get my head straight with the nutrition facts before I felt obligated to buy overpriced synthetic products just to support my friend. MY HEALTH comes first. THANK YOU!

  6. Hi there. I lasted about 2 weeks on this 30-day cleanse and felt aweful! I’ve since been given the Isalean protein meal replacement shake by my former fitness instructor who swears by them for sustained weight loss and increased muscle. Needless to say, they aren’t that great and not worth the money! I love your message and wish more people would stop the diet madness – in the 40+ years of dieting with Weight Watchers (and other crazy schemes), I got to my goal weight twice without being able to sustain either weight for more than 3 minutes the first time and 1.5 years the second. I’ve finally learned to stop dieting and live intuitively and now coach women to do the same with an emphasis on self-care, self-love and acceptance at whatever size they are. Thanks for your work and perspective!

  7. Thank you Abby! I’ve been on the fence with trying this product. You nailed it when you said “please don’t let emotion overtake intellect”, that was what I needed to hear. I’ve struggled with my weight for years and I’ve been tempted to try. You vaildated so many concerns I’ve had and informed me of so many more. Thanks again!!

  8. Abby, thank you for your insight into Isagenix! I’m 44, need to lose 20-25 lbs., have digestive issues so what would you recommend as far as a detox, cleanse, probiotic health? Besides low carb, protein, Whole Foods, etc. I need a kick start because my metabolism has went to bed and my energy levels are non existent. Thank you! Carie Love

    1. I’m not a rep for isagenix or anything like that. However when you say cleanses are bunk think about this… most people eat crappy and drink alcohol e.t.c. So in reality a cleanse just cleans up the ingestion of the person SO THAT your liver and kidneys and autophagy can do the “cleansing”. Also when encouraging the clean eating for over 21 days your body can”reset” with regard to sodium needs in flavorings as well as sugar cravings. So although your pithy comments garner a smile, in reality if people don’t change their crappy eating then they won’t change their waistline…. the calorie intake is very low (because most of us overeat) and as a guy who works out I would up the protein and overall calories, I also know that you can’t outwork your fork.
      food for thought from someone who isn’t making a living from advertising or product endorsement.

  9. I’m not an isagenix sales person- but I was looking for reviews to see the experiences other people have had. I have several autoimmune issues- one being hashimotos. In the last year I gained 25 pounds for seemingly no reason. I’m pretty athletic so this made no sense- I also eat very healthy. I noticed weight gain after two years of CrossFit. I did not get ripped doing this- although I got strong. The weight kept piling on and my cholesterol hit 225 on Paleo. Eek!! So I tried Isagenix. I lost 10 pounds in one month- but then I stopped and within a year gained it all back. My doctors put me on T3 meds… and I was one of the unlucky ones that started gaining weight from it. After hitting my ‘oh sh$t weight’ I thought ok- try isagenix again. I also did a genetic test that was very revealing. I do best in a low carb, low saturated fat diet. How unlucky am I!? But it’s true! Could I be one of the outliers that does best on this sort of diet? I feel really, really good on this plan. I don’t eat their weird snacks but have apples or almonds or some other real food. I will probably stay on this sort of diet for life… but that’s just me. The whole CrossFit paleo was terrible on my body- but swimming, cycling and plain old walking are making me look better than ever. I’m being sincere in my question regarding outliers- my trainer and nutritionist couldn’t figure me out.

  10. Thank you for a great review. I have recently started chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer. An acquaintance tried to convince me that Isagenix was exactly what I needed to help combat chemo side effects. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings or be rude, so I explained that I could not take any supplements without my doctor’s approval. She said that would not be necessary since Isagenix was all natural and made from whole foods.

    All you have to do is read the ingredients list to know this is untrue. And does she really think a cancer patient is going to take a sales person’s advice over their doctor’s? Another clueless MLM sales droid!

  11. Fabulous. Frank. And fearless. Just the way I like my advice.
    Phew. And I actually thought I might do this. I’m like 20kgs over my natural resting weight and nearly 47. I desire my body to be healthy so I can hang around for and energetic for a long time to come. I’m looking for the answers to figure out what I need to do. Considered Optifast and decided to look at the reviews, found one similar to this, then searched Isagenix review and BOOM, here you are in full angel regalia pointing in the opposite direction.

    Back to the treadmill and moving my Lucius body through this journey, loving it as it is and always asking it first “is this what you would like to do”.

    No to optifast and no to Isagenix, and literally NO to anything that looks like either of these as I now understand how redic this idea was in the first place!!!

    Love the above comments also.
    Literally would pay money to SOMEONE, ANYONE, who truly knows the body and what it needs, cause I don’t, and don’t have any interest in becoming a nutritionist or dietitian.
    Hand on heart, I have done HCG, and it worked, till I had a baby die and I hid my sorrow in chocolate, carbs and low grade fat. Past the grief now and the best way to honour my Daughters loss of life is to live mine to the best I can.
    Women, you’re all awesome. The tribe has spoken!!!

  12. Thanks so much Abby. To any girls out there thinking of doing this please read my brief history. I am male and a tad over 10 years ago I met my partner – still together but more on that later. This girl was the one. She had a friend who’s properties in life were exercise, shakes (minimal food) and more exercise in pursuit body image, and somewhere way down the list was family, relationships etc (the small stuff right – well they’re a given they’ll be there right?). I respectfully asked my partner once (light heartedly – mistake) to never become the other (exhibit b). Well today I’m hanging in (just) my partner having made the transformation to the person she promised she never would (and a few more transformations against what was a huge evil in me at the time – like getting ahead in a career studied for – I think I was burned at the stake then flushed out to sea). Today we don’t share the simple pleasures of food we once did, priorities between us have been shuffled (in the order above) and all of that’s of little relevance as to share a shake today I’d have to do it fast before her plane flies out. Safe to say we’re at the end of the line sadly. My point: have priorities. But have perspective. Any of these diets have far more negative reaching consequences on your health. Your body needs food. Nothing else. It is one of the simplest yet most important pleasures in life and best served shared. That would be my connotation Abby has labelled in read in the above article against ‘Transformation’. I hope I’ve helped someone.

  13. Thanks so much Abby. To any girls out there thinking of doing this please read my short story – well hey past 10 years condensed into a tiny box. I am male and a tad over 10 years ago I met my partner – still together but more on that later. This girl was the one – suffice to say life was magical when together – for years. She had a friend who’s priorties in life were exercise, shakes (minimal food) and more exercise, and somewhere way down the list was family, relationships etc (the small stuff right – well they’re a given they’ll always be there right, right?). I respectfully asked my partner once (light heartedly – mistake) to never become the friend – healthy diet and exercise can be fun, not life or death to anything in your path – unless your a shake or steam asparagus in a pill. Well today I’m hanging in (just) my partner having made the transformation to the person she promised she never would become (and a few more transformations against what were huge evils fired at me at the time – like getting ahead in a career studied for – I think I was burned at the stake then flushed out to sea, then recovered and built into a firelighter block until needed for next judgement – becoming judgemental was another transformation – but I’ll try and stay on topic). Today we don’t share the simple pleasures of eating food. Where once we regularly dare I say ate at restaurants – even started the barby with sweet potato bake as a side – regularly. But that was a long time ago, sharing a meal regularly that is a meal that didn’t come in powder or pill form. Priorities between us have been shuffled (in the order above) and all of that’s of little relevance as to share a shake today we are pushed for time – her corporate schedule dictates no time for food (unless it’s scooped out of a bucket just add water – maybe this is the jetset travel diet, trim taut n terrific, off topic). Safe to say we’re at the end of the line sadly – not solely related to powered ‘meals’ or the whole can’t eat here or anywhere – because you don’t eat, back to back excuses that it’s only temporary and the like change who you are because it’s a constant chase to the bottom. My point: Have priorities. But have perspective. Any of these diets have far more negative reaching consequences on your health. Your body needs food. Nothing else. It is one of the simplest yet most important pleasures in life and best served shared. That would be my connotation Abby has labelled in read in the above article against ‘Transformation’. I hope I’ve helped someone. Oh and if you go down this path don’t forget your probably gonna find it tough keeping friends. For one you won’t want to eat out. And two, they probably don’t need the head case at lunch who believes they can survive without the molecular structure of food. On the flip side, arrogance and denial that comes with these diets must be free. Because it’s not on the box. If your partners vain enough to consider it, run.

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