If I ask my clients what the one meal is that they struggle with, most of them will say ‘breakfast’. I don’t blame them, breakfast is tough, especially a high protein breakfast. You’ve rolled out of bed, you’re hungry (or not), you’re in a rush to get ready and get out the door, thinking about the day ahead.

Maybe you have kids who you have to wrangle in the morning too, in which case I can commiserate with you. It’s brutal.

Having a high protein breakfast that you can make ahead is so much easier than grabbing whatever you can find in the craziness that happens in the am! 

A lot is being said these days about the benefits of batch cooking and how it helps us be prepared for the day ahead.

You can batch cook breakfast – overnight oats, slow-cooker oatmeal, mini fritattas – and now, these high protein breakfast pouches that are faaaabulous!

Prepare them on the weekend, store them in the fridge (or the freezer!) and pop them into a hot oven before you jump into the shower. Easy.

I prefer a Mexican flavor to most foods, so I did these pouches with plenty of cilantro, black beans, and hot sauce. You can put whatever you want in them – spinach, chickpeas, sausage, tempeh, whatever.

Here’s the recipe for my tofu scramble, if you want to use that.

It’s so important to start your day with a high protein breakfast, to get you going, and keep you going, for hours!

Make-Ahead High Protein Breakfast Pouches

These breakfast pouches are customizable, healthy, and they cook up while you're getting ready in the morning. How easy is that?

Servings: 4
  • 4 eggs or 1 recipe of tofu scramble
  • 4 small corn tortillas
  • 1 recipe black beans or 1 can of black beans
  • Whatever else you want to include: tomatoes cilantro, cheese, hot sauce, avocado, cooked quinoa
  1. Lay out four squares of foil, then place four equal-sized (approximately) squares of parchment paper onto the foil.

  2. Lay a tortilla into the centre of each parchment square. Place the beans and tofu scramble - if you're using it - into the centre of the tortilla. The recipes for those are above, in my post.

  3. **if you're using eggs, you'll put those in when you're ready to actually cook the pouch.
  4. Put any of the other ingredients you want to use, on top of the beans - tomatoes, spinach, cheese, whatever. I added the cilantro and avocado after cooking, but you don't have to at all.
  5. Fold each packet up on each side and place in the refrigerator.
  6. To cook, preheat your oven to 400F.
  7. If you're using fresh eggs, open the pouch and make a small divot in the beans and other ingredients. Crack the egg into the divot, refold the pouch up, and place into the oven.
  8. Cook the pouches for 15 minutes or until desired egg doneness. If you're not using fresh eggs, 15 minutes should be enough to heat through.

This recipe is an adaptation of an Epicurious recipe here.