I recently got a bunch of requests to do a Neora Fit review of its weight loss and ‘wellness’ products. Having never heard of this brand (and spoiler: I wish I never had), I went to their website to investigate.

Here’s what I found.

What is Neora?

Neora is an MLM company that sells skincare and ‘wellness’ products, many of which are geared towards weight loss. 

Like most nutrition MLM companies, the Neora website is full of ‘empowering’ rhetoric like, “Only you can make today the day that changes your tomorrow!” and, “Imagine the life-changing power of happiness!”

The caption for their cellulite cream says, ‘no swimsuit is off limits!’

Uh, really? Thanks for the affirmation, Neora, because cellulite should never keep anyone out of a swimsuit, and this caption just makes people more paranoid about how they look.

See how these MLMs use insidious marketing to make you feel like you NEED to buy a product?

Newflash: we all have cellulite, and no cream is going to fix that. And yes, you and your cellulite are allowed to wear whatever swimsuit you want. 


I’m not here to talk about cellulite cream, though, so let’s take a look at the NeoraFit Wellness products.

What is NeoraFit?

NeoraFit is a line of Neora products aimed at weight loss. 

The NeoraFit Weight Management and Wellness set is basically the entire line in a pack (only $200 a month!).

With these three products – Slim and Skin, Block and Balance, and Cleanse and Calm – Neora promises a sustainable way to meet your weight loss goals, while ‘effortlessly’ fitting the regimen into your current routine.

Hm. We’ll see about that.

NeoraFit Slim and Skin

Slim and Skin powder is meant to be taken in the morning.

Let’s take a look at the claims that Neora makes about Slim and Skin:

  • Aids in fat reduction and weight loss*†
  • Supports normal, healthy fat browning*
  • Helps support the body’s metabolism*
  • Supports healthy skin, hair and nails*
  • Supports skin firmness, brightness and moisture*
  • Supports healthy collagen production*
  • Supports joint and connective tissue health*
  • Promotes healthy energy and focus*

The product’s active ingredients are collagen peptides, green coffee bean, and pu-erh tea, which is a fermented tea from Asia.

We know that collagen most likely does not help skin, hair, and nails, so there’s that. And it doesn’t help with weight loss, either.

But what are these ‘fat browning’ and weight loss claims?

They must be attributed to the green coffee bean and pu-erh tea.

We can take the green coffee bean extract off the table, because even though nutrition MLMs continue to put it in their products, there are no studies to show that it works. That’s because it probably doesn’t.

Pu-erh tea has a couple small studies that seem to show its effectiveness for weight loss, but when you look at these studies closely, they’re faulty AF. 

This is why it’s important to read the study!!!

First of all, the 2011 study is old, small, short, and uses a tea compound that the Neora product may or may not contain, in a dosage that again, the Neora product may or may not contain (Neora doesn’t disclose how much of this tea is in Slim and Skin).

The 2016 study showed ‘weight loss’ with the pu-erh tea, but a closer look finds that this ‘significant’ weight loss was only 1 kg after 20 weeks. 

That and, the study was done by a pu-erh tea manufacturer. 

I smell confirmation bias. And, I don’t see anything that causes weight loss OR fat browning. 


NeoraFit Block and Balance

NeoraFit Block and Balance is meant to be taken at lunchtime.

Here are the claims that Neora makes about Block and Balance:

  • Aids in fat reduction and weight loss*†
  • Supports normal healthy fat browning.*
  • Supports the body’s normal, healthy processing of dietary fat*
  • Helps support healthy digestion and reduces the feeling of bloating.*
  • Helps curb cravings*
  • Supports healthy immune system function.*
  • Provides essential vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics*
  • Optimizes digestive system health and assists in balancing healthy bacteria

Block and Balance doesn’t contain anything remarkable: it’s a couple probiotics (I review probiotics here), a prebiotic (fructooligosaccharide), some citrus powder, and that’s basically it.

So why does Neora claim that Block and Balance can help you lose weight and increase fat browning (read more about fat browning here)? 

I have no idea.

A healthy gut does seem to impact our immune system, but not our cravings, or our dietary fat processing. Yeah, that happens up in the small intestine, not in the large intestine, where pre and probiotics work.

As far as weight loss, there is no evidence that probiotics can help with that. Current research is very preliminary, and applies to a blend of specific strains of probiotic, which Neora doesn’t contain (read the study here).

Also: to put this fat browning thing to rest, no, products like these don’t help with fat browning. I’m not even sure why Neora seems to continually make false claims about fat browning, when all we know about it is that cold temperatures seem to increase it. That is all. 

In case you were wondering, nothing in this product has been shown to help with food cravings. Food cravings are largely emotional (not always, though), in which case, a product won’t help.

NeoraFit Cleanse and Calm

The third product, Cleanse and Calm, is meant to be taken at bedtime.

Neora claims that this product:

  • Supports normal flushing of bodily toxins*
  • Aids in fat reduction and weight loss*†
  • Balances the intestinal tract*
  • Supports normal, healthy fat browning*
  • Promotes relaxation*
  • Supports healthy weight management*†
  • Maximizes the benefits of a healthy diet by supporting normal absorption of nutrients*
  • Supports digestive system health and assists in balancing healthy bacteria*

OMFG that fat browning claim AGAIN!!!!!!

What the heck, Neora!! 

Cleanse and Calm contains Happy Banana Extract, which sounds vaguely like something you’d buy in an adult shop. Happy Banana is a completely random and unproven supplement that apparently aids with sleep.

Otherwise, the ingredients in Cleanse and Calm are fibres and laxatives, including moringa leaf extract, aloe vera juice, konjac, and resistant dextrin.

It always makes me laugh when companies promote laxative cleanses as ways to ‘balance the intestinal tract’ or, to lose weight. None of that occurs when you take a laxative every single day, FYI – it just messes your intestines up further. 

And of course, as you know, nobody needs to ‘flush bodily toxins.’ That’s ridiculous. 

Neora says its products have been developed through ‘years of scientific research.’ I couldn’t find one single bit of research anywhere, but in my search, I did find that Neora used to be called, ‘Nerium,’ and was slapped with a case by the FTC in 2019 for running an illegal pyramid scheme.

Hmmm. Shady. Read about the case here.

In short, Neora makes a lot of promises about NeoraFit that science – and basic physiology – don’t support. And they have no research of their own to back up anything they claim. 

Honestly, a three-times-daily supplement regimen isn’t my idea of a ‘sustainable’ way to reach your weight loss goals. How about not selling people useless supplements, and instead, teaching them how to improve their relationship with food?

Oh, right. No money in that.

FYI: Neora seems to make the same types of bold but unfounded claims about their ‘wellness’ line of chews and supplements, as it does with their weight loss stuff. Companies like Neora who talk a good game but can’t back any of it up, infuriate me. There should be a lot more regulation around these sorts of MLMs.

Neora is just another MLM company selling another bunch of useless supplements that probably won’t help you lose weight.



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