I last did a Xyngular review in 2017, which is a lifetime in nutrition MLM-land. So many new things! So many new buzzwords and products!

It’s definitely time for an updated Xyngular review, so here we go.

What is Xyngular?

Xyngular is a “wellness” company that sells weight-loss and nutritional supplements such as shakes, pills, fat burners, etc. While it sounds like it could help with weight loss, I suggest you read this Xyngular review before spending the money on this.

Xyngular and weight loss

Xyngular claims that ‘according to research,’ (research I’ve never encountered and that they don’t provide, mind you) there are 15 common causes of weight loss failure.

These are:

  1. Too much stress
  2. Lack of energy 
  3. Hypothalamus function 
  4. Dehydration 
  5. Poor sleep quality
  6. Slow metabolism 
  7. Weakened digestive system 
  8. Blood sugar 
  9. Nutrient deficiency 
  10. Imbalanced (I think they mean, ‘unbalanced’) microbiome 
  11. Inflammatory response 
  12. Toxins and pathogens 
  13. Lack of support
  14. Lack of activity
  15. Lack of knowledge

Xyngular claims that these issues – most of which, by the way, are nothing but buzzwords and not at all related to weight – can only be conquered with a ‘system.’

Meaning, a Xyngular system: for $650, you can buy the Xyngular Ultimate System to ‘redefine your life’ and get rid of all 15 of your weight loss problems!!

Xyngular review
Source: Xyngular.com

I’m assuming then that if you cheap out and spend $239 on the Core 4 Bundle, you’ll be less likely to resolve all of your issues? Always the upsell to ‘Ultimate.’ Always. It’s a nutrition MLM keystone.

Xyngular makes this proclamation in order to sell their products:

“Despite the $68 BILLION dollar U.S. weight-loss industry, multiple medical and government agencies believe that half of the American population will become obese over the coming decade. So what gives? Why can’t you lose the weight?” 

That’s pretty ironic, because nutrition MLMs like Xyngular ARE THE WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY. 

It must take a real lack of awareness on behalf of the company to not realize that. Wow. 

What is Xyngular’s Ultimate System?

In my last Xyngular review, I was amazed at how many stimulants the company had on its menu. I experienced a sense of deja vu this time, and I was also astounded at how similar Xyngular is to Isagenix (Read my Isagenix review here).

I actually thought at one point that I was looking at the Isagenix site instead of the Xyngular one, because the products are pretty much the exact same. 

Before I get into the Xyngular products, I want to address their claim that you can ‘redefine your life’ with the Ultimate System…or weight loss in general. The promise of a ‘transformation’ is a very common hook for nutrition MLMs and other diets and it’s a red flag. 

Weight loss does not redefine anything. It doesn’t transform anything. Sure, it can in some circumstances, improve your health (that is, if you keep the weight off long-term). But being thinner doesn’t mean you’re not the still the same person with many of the same problems. 

It always bothers me that companies appeal to potential customers’ imagination and emotion by selling them on a ‘transformation,’ when in reality, a transformation of anyone’s life takes more than dropping a few pounds.

Let’s open up the Ultimate System and see what’s inside.

What in Xyngular’s Ultimate System?

Global Blend 

This is a liquid antioxidant supplement that contains 4 grams of sugar per 2 tablespoon serving. Xyngular claims that it supports immune health, but there is no human evidence showing this. Antioxidants are great, but you don’t have to take a sugary supplement to get them.


A multivitamin with probiotics. Nothing special. 


A ‘fat burner,’ because OF COURSE. Every nutrition MLM has one, and guess what? NONE OF THEM WORK. That’s because NO supplement and NO food and NO drink burns fat. Nothing you eat or drink or take can increase metabolic rate high enough or long enough to burn enough calories to result in weight loss.

And the ingredients in this supplement are no better than a placebo for burning fat.

That is all.


The name of this makes me want to throw up. I don’t believe in Cheat Days, and I don’t believe in using the word ‘cheat’ to describe any part of eating. This supplement is made from a fiber that swells with water and theoretically can curb hunger, so you theoretically don’t ‘cheat’ on your diet.

Xyngular also claims that Cheat ‘traps’ some of your food in the stomach, preventing absorption. There are no credible studies that prove this. In fact, Health Canada has a warning out that glucomannan, or Konjac, which is the fiber used in Cheat, can cause intestinal or throat blockages if not consumed with adequate water. 

The problem with the ‘fill your stomach with gelatinous fiber’ thing is that eating is more than just filling your stomach with a supplement. Being full, and being satisfied, are two different things.

If you want food because you’re not feeding your body properly, a completely unsatisfying fiber supplement isn’t going to prevent you from eating. At least, not for long.


Laxative. Standard issue for all nutrition MLMs, these make you poop so you ‘detox’. Xyngular claims that Flush ‘detoxifies the colon,’ but it doesn’t.

Your colon does that all by itself, when you poop. You don’t need a laxative, detoxing supplement. Isn’t the human body fascinating? And I take issue with Xyngular claiming that Flush rids the body of ‘harmful toxins.’

Nothing like completely unscientific fear-mongering to get people to buy your product. 


A 10 gram protein snack shake. Nothing earth-shattering, and you can get 10 grams of protein easily with whole foods that don’t cost as much and probably taste a lot better.


This supplement is meant to support activity and hydration, but it’s simply a blend of sugar (5g per stick) with vitamins and adaptogens. You dissolve it in water. Nothing to see here.


A stimulant ‘fat burner’ and appetite suppressant with green coffee bean, bitter orange, garcinia, caffeine, the usual suspects. You already know from what I wrote above that fat burners don’t work.

What I also need to say is this: if you are so hungry that you need an appetite suppressant to stay ‘on plan,’ YOU ARE ON THE WRONG PLAN.

Hunger is your body saying, ‘I need fuel.’ You wouldn’t ignore the urge to pee, why would you try to cover up your body’s urge to eat?


Another stimulant and appetite suppressant with caffeine, adaptogens, bitter orange, again, the usual suspects. It’s at this point that I’m seeing a very concerning number of stimulant and appetite suppressant supplements in this System. This is NOT OKAY. 


Contains valerian root to help you fall asleep. 


Probiotics. Obviously. Nothing exciting.


Omega 3s that Xyngular claims help your heart (recent research casts doubt on this) and helps your metabolism burn fat. They don’t. 

There are TWENTY doses of supplements/shakes that go into the Xyngular weight loss system. Every single day. And, most of them are completely unnecessary. 

Also, stimulants are not to be taken lightly. A cup of coffee or two is fine, but when you’re taking multiple caffeine and stimulant herb-containing supplements several times a day, it’s extremely concerning.

This is the same concern I had the last time I did a Xyngular review. Excessive stimulant consumption can be dangerous for people who have heart or blood pressure conditions, and it can also make you jittery. 

Also, taking a stimulant for energy is basically putting a mask on the real reason why you’re sluggish: not getting enough sleep, NOT EATING ENOUGH…which is a very real consideration when you’re trying to lose weight by cutting calories.

Speaking of which, there’s a diet that goes with all of those products.

Xyngular’s Diet Plan

Xyngular weight loss begins with the 8-Day Jumpstart, aka an 8-day starvation diet packed with handfuls of pills. 

Xyngular review
Source: Xyngular.com

No thanks.

After the 8 days, you get to transition to a low-carb or keto meal plan, with handfuls of pills. 

Xyngular review
Source: Xyngular.com

Because nothing says ‘transformation’ like a punishing diet while choking down hundreds of dollars worth of supplements every day. 

Please think about this: how will you sustain this entire routine in the long-term? The cost. The number of pills this many times a day. The diet on top of that.

And above all of that, the stuff you’ll be putting into your body. All those stimulants. Unnecessary supplements. Laxatives.


In short:

The Xyngular Ultimate System has a lot of products. Even if you don’t do the Ultimate System, you’ll be taking any number of the same products on any Xyngular weight loss system.

None of the Xyngular weight loss products have any research behind them to back up the ‘detox’ and ‘weight loss’ claims that the company makes.

Most if not all of the products are unnecessary for healthy people. I mean, probiotics are fine, but why buy the entire system for that?

The 8-Day Jumpstart is a starvation diet. The post-Jumpstart diet is either keto or low-carb, and you don’t get a pill reduction.

The entire regimen seems utterly unsustainable for the long-term for probably 99.9% of people.

So Is Xyngular Worth it?

Save your money. Hard pass.

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