Young Living Essential Oils: Fat Burning, Or Money Burning?

Young Living Essential Oils: Fat Burning, Or Money Burning?

Young Living

Essential oils – and snake oil – have been around for centuries. These two things come together in essential oil MLMs like Young Living .

The founder of Young Living, Donald Gary Young, was a naturopath, having gotten his ‘degree’ from a unaccredited diploma mill, but for some reason, he decided to open a birthing clinic. 

Unfortunately, he delivered his own daughter but due to his negligence and the fact that he wasn’t an actual doctor, she died during the birth.

Needless to say, Young was dinged numerous times for practicing medicine without a licence, selling treatments to ‘cure’ cancer, and almost killing someone by giving them a vitamin C infusion that caused their kidneys to fail.

He died of cancer in 2018. How ironic. I’m sorry if that sounds bitchy, but come on.

What really kills me is that D. Gary Young is celebrated on the Young Living website with all sorts of tributes, as though he was such a great guy. He was a fucking scammer, and how in the world could they ignore that glaring fact? 

The fact that they do tells us something important about the company: they don’t value integrity very much, apparently.

Essential oils.

Essential oils smell nice, but there is no research – none at all – showing that they do anything besides that. They don’t cure shit. They don’t prevent shit. They might be able to relax you, but they won’t detox your body, or sanitize your countertops. 

The people who are selling oils and saying they can cure autism and cancer and coronavirus are nothing but opportunistic assholes. 

Speaking of which, there is currently a lawsuit against Young Living that is claiming the company is a pyramid scheme, but that hasn’t stopped its salespeople from spamming the shit out of everyone they know in order to make fucking diamond crown bullshit level.

People who use and sell essential oils seem to belong to a particular group of conspiracy theorists who have a deep distrust in FDA and ‘Big Pharma’. They appear to believe that the FDA doesn’t like essential oils because they want us to buy conventional medications.

I’ll bet though that when one of these people gets a yeast infection or fucking needs birth control or if their baby needs emergency surgery, they’re alllllll about conventional medicine. 

I’m not wrong, and you know it. 

Anyhow, let’s take a look at the Young Living weight loss line. It’s a doozy! In fact, Young Living has so many nutrition products, I just can’t review them all because this post would be 5000 words.


Young Living Weight Loss.

Here are some short statements about some of Young Living’s other nutrition products:

  1. The fact that YL has a ‘cleanse’ line is a major red flag, because reputable, evidence-based companies do NOT sell cleanses. Cleanses and detoxes are complete fuckery and one of the ways that the wellness industry tries to convince us that our bodies don’t work properly on their own. Young Living cleanse products contain shit like bentonite clay, aloe vera, licorice, and other laxatives and diuretics. You do NOT need these things, and you don’t need a cleanse. 
  2. Digestive enzymes are useless for most people, and the people who do need them should be getting them from a doctor. The ones that you get from drugstores or MLMs may not contain the type or amount of enzyme that you need. 
  3. The ‘Alkalime’ caplets are completely absurd and useless AF. You can’t change the pH of your body with food, and the alkaline-acid theory is physiologically impossible. YL sells 30 caps of ‘Alkalime’ for $40. Unbelievable. Flush your money down the toilet.
  4. NingXia Red is simply a goji berry (aka wolf berry) antioxidant supplement. YL claims it ‘helps support normal cellular function,’ which is a commonly-used MLM line that sounds just sciencey enough to make it seem legit. But the truth is that 1. everything you eat helps support normal cellular function, and 2. antioxidant supplements haven’t been shown to improve health, and in large doses can actually be dangerous. So don’t fucking buy this shit.

The Young Living weight loss line has the unfortunate name ‘Slique,’ which sounds like a brand of lube. 

A 30-day supply of the ‘Slique Complete Collection’ is almost $500 USD. Holy shit. 

Young Living Slique Shake.

The Slique shake is a trashy meal-replacement shake that is basically pea protein with three types of sugar, a ‘fruit and vegetable blend,’ a bunch of plants, and essential oils. 

Each serving clocks in at 16 grams of protein (less than the 20-30 grams that I’d recommend for a meal), 11 grams of sugar (far too much IMO), 7 grams of fiber, and 220 calories when mixed with the recommended almond milk (about half the calories I recommend for a meal).

The thing about meal replacement shakes – and most MLM nutrition lines have them – is that while they can be convenient, they’re generally low calorie sludgefests with ultra-processed ingredients, shit you don’t need (*ahem* essential oils), and artificial sweeteners that taste like death. ‘Fruit and vegetable blends’ are bullshit, too, and I wrote extensively about them in my Juice Plus review. 

Consuming a 220 calorie meal or two every day will cause weight loss, because it’s basically starvation. And it’s not sustainable, which means that when you finally get sick of shakes, you’ll probably gain all the weight back. 

I’m not being negative, I’m speaking as a dietitian who has seen this happen. Like, a lot.

Young Living Slique Bars.

The ‘chocolate coated’ Slique Bars are $25 for 6, and have potato skins in them (not the bacon and cheese loaded ones, alas), along with nuts and ‘superfruit’ berries *eyeroll*. They also have essential oils, of course! 

Each bar has 140 calories, 10g of sugar, 3 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber. 

Honestly, nothing to see here, folks. Buy a Larabar. They’re probably cheaper.

Young Living Citraslique.

Perhaps the biggest fucktangle of shit is the CitraSlique supplement, which is basically a bunch of essential oils and other plants that do absolutely nothing. It’s fucking infuriating that the company gets away with marketing this product by saying it’s ‘revolutionary,’ when it’s actually just garbage.

Here’s what YL says about Citraslique – cut and pasted straight off their site – with my comments in bold.


  • Formulated with ingredients to help burn fat – no food burns fat
  • Supports a healthy metabolism – how does Citraslique do this better than food? It doesn’t
  • Unique formula features plant-based extracts that help support healthy weight management and healthy energy levels – no ‘plant-based extracts’ do this
  • Slique CitraSlim is designed to be part of a healthy weight-management system when used in conjunction with other Young Living Slique products – of course, the up$ell
  • Formulated with a proprietary citrus fruit-based blend, which may help support the body in burning excess fat when used in conjunction with a healthy-weight management plan – again, no food burns fat
  • May help support the breakdown of triglycerides that are stored in the body’s fat tissue – one more time…no food burns fat
  • May support the release of free fatty acids that help break down fat and help to produce additional energy – yet another way to say it’s ‘fat burning,’ which, NO
  • Formulated with citrus extracts and other plant- based ingredients known for their polyphenols and antioxidant activity – you can get these from actual food

• Reduces oxidative stress – so do compounds in food

Young Living Slique Essence Oil and Slique Gum.

Young Living’s other weight loss products include a gum and of course, an essential oil. Both products are supposed to curb cravings and reduce intake, but if you’re starving yourself with your gross 220 calorie shake meals, do you really think that a couple drops of oil in water is going to help stave off hunger?

It’s so idiotic, I’d laugh…except that people are actually buying these things.  

And that makes me mad.

In Short:

Research does not support any of Young Living’s claims for its weight loss products. They’re expensive, likely ineffective, and definitely not necessary for health or weight loss.

ALSO: NO FOOD/OIL/DRINK BURNS FAT. Fuck! When are companies going to stop it with that shit!