I partnered with Manitoba Harvest for this blog post. As always, my opinions remain my own. Plus, why wouldn’t you eat hemp hearts anyhow? 

You probably did a double-take the first time you saw the word ‘hemp hearts’, and you’re not alone. When he saw me unloading a couple of bags of hemp hearts after a grocery trip, even my husband asked me if they’re ‘legal’. Lots of people have misconceptions about hemp foods, but hemp hearts have very little to do with THAT sort of hemp. Hemp is a species of Cannabis sativa, but hemp is not the same as marijuana and hemp foods will not cause psychoactive effects.

Hemp hearts come from hemp seeds, and are high in protein: They have all 10 essential amino acids, making them a complete protein! Hemp hearts also contain healthy fats including omega-3 and omega-6, and nutrients such as magnesium, fibre, iron, zinc, and phosphorous.

Compared to chia and flax seeds, hemp seeds contain twice the amount of protein and are lower in carbohydrates! Especially for my vegan clients, I recommend using hemp hearts for a plant-based boost of protein at any meal or snack.

Personally, I use hemp hearts in pretty much any dish – I sprinkle them on salad; over eggs; in piecrust; in meatballs – they’re super versatile. With 10 grams of protein per three tablespoons, they’re the perfect way to boost the texture, protein, and nutrition of any meal.

Hemp hearts taste good too – they’ve been described as ‘nutty’, but I think their taste is very close to that of sunflower seeds. I find them almost buttery in texture.

Aside from their nutrition, hemp seeds also offer a sustainable farming solution. No pesticides or herbicides are needed to grow hemp crops, because their broad leaves naturally suppress weeds. A bit of hemp history: The first hemp crop in North America was planted in 1606!

To get an idea of how versatile hemp hearts are, I’m giving you a day-long tour of my favorite hemp heart add-ins! Hemp hearts all day!


I love high-protein Greek yogurt, but it seems a bit lonely with just fruit. That’s why I sprinkle hemp hearts on top of my parfait. That’s not all, though. Avocado toast is low in protein, until it’s sprinkled with hemp hearts. Overnight oats? They love these nutty little hearts.

Hemp Hearts On Breakfast

This gingerbread hemp granola is the perfect seasonal breakfast (and I love love love gingerbread!)! Pair it with yogurt or milk for a complete meal.


My salad isn’t complete without a hemp heart topping! They not only boost protein, they also add texture and flavour. Love.

Hemp Hearts On Salad

Looking for a plant-based lunch option? This black bean buddha bowl with cilantro hemp dressing has got you covered for taste and nutrition.


Love meatballs? Me too! I’ve mixed hemp hearts into these ones, to give them some omega-3 power and a bit of texture. You can mix hemp hearts into meat or veggie burgers, meatloaf, pasta, vegetables…get the idea? They go with everything!

Hemp Heart Meatballs

For a double dose of omega-3s, try this hemp-crusted salmon!


I love dessert, and a sprinkle of hemp hearts on my ice cream is a yummy way to add nutrition while enhancing my treat with buttery texture.

Hemp Hearts On Ice Cream

These Great Canadian Hemp Cookies are the ultimate! They’re delicious, and their texture is absolutely addictive!

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  1. I’ve looked at these in the grocery store for the past several weeks but wasn’t sure what to with them but I’m going to get some this weekend to try on my yogurt breakfast! I also can’t wait to try the Buddha bowl for lunch!

  2. I love using Hemp Hearts in oatmeal and pancakes! The nutty flavour they add to oatmeal is fantastic, and they add a little bit of texture to pancakes. Just wonderful!

  3. My husband and I love hemp hearts! We haven’t had them in far too long, but adding them to everything from oatmeal to savory salads have been our favorite way to enjoy them. Like you, I love sprinkling them on yogurt for added texture and their distinct flavor.

  4. I like using hemp hearts in almost everything – baking, yogurt parfaits, sprinkled on salads and dinners, and always when I make granola. I especially love that they’re Canadian grown

  5. Have never used hemp hearts, would probably add to smoothies or granola. Maybe try out some of your suggestions!

  6. Hi Abby,

    Great article! I use hemp hearts on pretty much everything–salads, soups, morning oats, green smoothies, and desserts. It’s such a major plus that they’re packed with nutrients, especially ones that people really need like iron, magnesium, and fiber.


    Alexis from Mesa, Arizona, USA 🙂 #futureRD

  7. I love hemp hearts! There is a health food store in my city and they have the perfect sized snack bags. I put them in homemade bread, sprinkle them on top of my yogurt, and put them in granola.

  8. I have never had help hearts before!! I would love to start incorporating them into my meals! So many ways they can be used.

  9. Great post! My partner also looked puzzled when I brought some home haha! Had to bust THAT myth. I love rolling energy bites in hemp hearts for some texture and it makes them looks extra fancy.

  10. So important to set the record straight about hemp hearts! They are full of good nutrients and can be utilized in so many ways. Great post! I like to add a couple of tablespoons to my smoothies… delicious!

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